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PPMA Group Brochure

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Established in 1987 the PPMA Group consists of three trade associations with over 500+ member companies. Representing the UK market in its four Association sectors, the PPMA Group speaks with a truly representative industry voice. Whilst there are many common services across the group each trade association has its own objectives and secretariat.

The three Trade Associations in the PPMA Group are:

PPMA Processing & Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA)
BARA British Automation and Robot Association (BARA)
UKIVA UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA)

The principal objective of the three Associations is simply "To help members sell more products and services"

This is achieved through the following PPMA business areas:

Technical Services
Publishing and Website
Membership Services
International Services
Lobbying Government


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Affiliate membership is now available to companies who operate in the processing and packaging sector but do not meet the full membership criteria. Affiliate membership will provide closer links to suppliers and end users as well as increased marketing and networking opportunities. Affiliate members will gain their own specific benefits package which is detailed in the:


Typically companies such as component suppliers, contractors & consultants, ancillary equipment suppliers, trade bodies and academic institutions have been targeted. Affiliate members already include Siemens, Pilz, Lenze, SMC Pneumatics, Festo, Omron and Baldor.

More details can be obtained by contacting PPMA Membership via Telephone +44 (0) 20 8773 8111 or by e-Mail Affiliate Membership Enquiry


Full membership of the PPMA is open to companies engaged in the manufacture or supply of processing or packaging equipment and who are able to satisfy the condition of entry. These have been set by the Association to help ensure that PPMA membership carries with it a guarantee of commitment to service and quality.


Company Criteria

  • The applicant must supply a recognised range of new processing or packaging machinery.
  • Applicants must have premises in the UK or other European Union countries.
  • Applicants must have been trading for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Applicants must hold a stock of parts and spares.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of one service or sales / service engineer based in the UK or other European Union countries.
  • Members must become shareholders of the PPMA.

Members as Shareholders

The Association is a limited company owned entirely by it's members who each hold 100 £1 shares in PPMA Ltd.

As a result, all members have an equal say in the running of their Association, each being able to cast a single vote when members are balloted on various matters.

Membership of the Association currently stands at over 360 companies who are estimated to be responsible for some 90 per cent of the processing and packaging machinery sold in the UK, as well as substantial export revenue.

Structure of the Association

The Secretariat reports to the Directors, or Board of Directors, which meets six times each year to direct policy and approve memberships.

Within the board of Directors, there is a management group to assist and oversee the Secretariat with day-to-day administration of the Association. Of the 12 directors, five retire by rotation each year, but may offer themselves for re-election. The odd-number takes account of the Chairman, Chairman Elect who will hold office for no longer than the normal two years.

Any full member company may put forward a candidate for election and a ballot is held, if necessary, each autumn. The post of Director is unpaid with only travel and accommodation costs being reimbursed.

In addition to the annual general meeting, regular meetings, open to all members, are held to provide a forum for discussion on matters of mutual interest. Various locations around the country are chosen to allow as many member as possible to attend, also to foster the improved dialogue between member companies that has typified the existence of the PPMA.

More details can be obtained by contacting the PPMA via Telephone +44 (0) 20 8773 8111 or by e-Mail Full Membership Enquiry

To join or request a membership form

Please contact Scott Mckenna

T: +44 (0) 20 8773 8111
F: +44 (0) 20 8773 0022

or write to us at:

New Progress House
34 Stafford Road