Dealing with Difficult People

This one-day course offers an insightful, useful and practical guide on how to manage the difficult people and situations that you are likely to face in the workplace. We aim to help you develop a more confident approach when dealing with these people and situations by showing you key skills, tools and techniques to handle them effectively.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain (and understand) the theory behind some workplace behaviour.
  • Identify how to develop working relationships with difficult people.
  • Understand and use the techniques and tools used to increase your confidence when handling conflict in the workplace.
  • Identify how to adopt a professional, confident and appropriate style and approach when dealing with difficult people or situations.
  • Create a practical ‘action plan’ to implement your own your personal strategy for dealing with difficult situations.


For more information please e-mail or call 020 8773 8111


Members @ £95 + VAT
Non Members @ £295 +VAT



9:30am Registration
10:00am Introduction / Training Start
11:30-11:45am Coffee
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Training continues
3:15pm Tea
3:30pm Training continues