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Print & Apply Label Applicators

Machines which can be loaded with information which is used to print labels on demand with details including batch number, production date, weight, price and transit data as well as simple graphics.

Common forms of Print & Apply Labeller are those used by retailers to print weight and price information at the point of sale. Products such as meat, fresh fruit and vegetables and other types of product which are not pre-packed prior to arriving in the supermarket use this method of labelling. Often the labels include a bar code for scanning at the check out.

Print & Apply labelling equipment is also used in warehousing and distribution to provide delivery, batch and other transit information which can be used to trace and confirm the product has arrived where it should, on the correct date and in the right quantity. The label can be printed directly on to the outer transit container or on to a label which is then applied to the transit container. Information can be printed in both standard type and as a bar code.