Industrial Labelling Systems
Herma Labelling

Wet Glue Labelling Machines

Machines which apply labels using a glue which is liquid at room temperature. These machines usually apply labels from a stack to rigid containers such as beer or spirit bottles at very high speeds.

The machines are particularly suitable for wet environments such as liquid filling of beverages where they continue to be the predominant application method. Often the labels are highly decorative and can be embossed and cut into complex shapes, or are applied to difficult container shapes. Often more than one label is applied to one container, requiring several applicators.

Since the 1960s Pressure Sensitive labels have become more popular for most other types of application and today are used extensively in the beverage sector.

Hot Melt Label Applicators
Machines which apply labels using adhesive which is solid at room temperature. This is a variant on the Wet Glue Labeller where different types of adhesive are heated to a liquid state prior to application. The adhesive may vary due to the product, packaging material or external conditions in the packaging area. This type of applicator is for example used for Wraparound labels that cover most of a container body and wall surface.
Pre-Gummed Label Applicators
Machines which apply labels which are pre-coated with glue. The gum label is passed through a water reservoir or sprayed with water to make the adhesive stick. These machines are not now commonly in use.