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Managing Director: Mrs Denise Goldsmith
Technical Manager: Mr Tony Bagridge
Sales Manager: Mr Des White


Standard Parts & Machine & Fixture Elements: Essential, hard to source items for the machine industry, our parts have robust, long lasting qualities & competitive pricing for cost effective choices.
Knobs, Handles & Handwheels: Includes tubular handles & cranked handles with greater leverage & torque than a simple rotating handle. Safety variants available.
Adjustable Hand Levers, Clamping Levers & Tension Levers: Extensive range of sizes and styles, including male & female variants. Fast, easy clamping. Also tommy nuts & screws (fixed & movable bar), control & turret levers and split hubs for gear levers.
Star Knobs, Wing Screws & Knurled Screws: Outstanding quality star or hand knobs for clamping, allowing greater torques to be applied. Also includes knurled thumb screws with optional thrust pads.
Control Knobs & Indexing Mechanisms: Top quality range of adjustable slide units and linear motion bearings, together with connecting sets, indexing levers & scale rings.
Position Indicators: Digital & analogue variants. Accurate and robust. We also stock handwheels & hand knobs which can incorporate position indicators.
Indexing Plungers, Spring Plungers & Ball Lock Pins: Includes spring loaded shells, mini & cam action indexing plungers, spring latches & bolts, side thrust pins, ball buttons, pins with axial lock, tools & accessories.
Screws, Nuts & Washers: Swing & shoulder bolts, grub & ball point screws, guide pins & bushes, spherical & countersunk washers, hexagon, collar & t nuts & slotted lock nuts, locking plates, levelling sets, set collars, shackles, clamping & thrust pads, guide rollers, rubber buffers & ball transfer units.
Clamping Bolts & Eccentrical Cams: Also wedge clamps, clamping levers, cam point & double cam point levers & screws, & shaft clamping units.
Toggle clamps, Power clamps & Hook clamps: Wide range in different strengths & in steel or stainless steel, for many applications including cleanroom versions.
Levelling Feet, Door Locks & Hinges: Excellent selection appropriate for all sizes & weight requirements. Simple, economic, designs to more sophisticated variants with anti-vibration pads.
Oil Level Sight Glasses & Plugs: An extensive range of oil level indicators, sight glasses & oil plugs for many industries. Includes column variants.
Universal Joints, Fork joints, Ball joints: Top quality fork or clevis joints in steel, stainless steel & aluminium, together with quick fit couplings. Needle & friction bearings available.
Tube Clamp Connectors & Linear Actuators: Control knobs, indexing mechanisms, adjustable slide units, linear motion bearings & roller guide systems.
Retaining Magnets: In a variety of strengths, for lifting, sorting & retaining. Also setting bolts & grub screws with a retaining magnet, ideal as a workpiece stop.
Press Tool Standard Parts: Including urelast & rubber products (elastomer), precision punches & dies, dowel pins, guide pillars, guide pins & bushes, demountable blocks, ball bush sets, lifting components & IEM top retained pillar sets.
Drill Bushes: UK's No.1 supplier of DIN Standard Drill Guide Bushes at the most competitive prices you'll find - we won't be beaten on price. All standard sizes in stock.
Die Sets: Standard & bespoke die sets. Press fit or demountable including ball cage & bronze bushes, rear, middle or front pillar, 4 pillar, or diagonal.
ISO Standard Springs: With a large range of sizes in stock, next day delivery is available for most items. We can also quote to drawing for non-standard items.


Berger Tools Ltd are leading suppliers of press & mould tools. With over 40 years of experience in this niche market we are able to offer extensive technical support & advice.
Our expertise of first tier supply & the OEM market means we can provide both standard and bespoke parts, making us a comprehensive solution to your procurement needs.