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W: www.kliklok-int.com


General Manager: Sebastian Kuehne
Financial Controlling Administration Manager: Pablo Sarabia
Operations Manager: Sebastian Kuehne
After Sales Manager: Robert Kiely
Applications & Sales Support Manager: Peter Munroe
Marketing Manager: Michelle Newman
Engineering Manager: Christian Newman


Kliklok CELOX (UK): High speed, servo driven, automatic end load cartoner with choice of infeed system & pitch. Speeds up to 325 cartons per minute.
Kliklok SFR (UK): Small footprint medium speed end loader with choice of infeed systems depending on product type & application. Speeds up to 150 cartons per minute.
Kliklok Prima (UK): High speed, compact end load cartoner for small cartons up to 300 cartons per minute.
Kliklok CCI (UK): Small footprint, intermittent medium speed end load cartoner. Also available as servo driven model.
Kliklok TRACi (UK): Independant Transfer Right Angle Auto Collator accepts products arriving at right angles. Also available as in-line stacking version.
Kliklok IPTUi (UK): Intelligent Product Transfer Unit accepts product from a random supply, also available as 'smooth' version - SIPTU.
Kliklok ITC - Integrated Topload Cartoner This NEW compact machine neatly combines three packaging processes into one: Carton forming, product loading and carton closing.
Kliklok Genesis Former (UK): High specification stainless steel top load lock carton former.
Kliklok JR Former (UK): Simple automatic lock style carton forming machine.
ECT Series (UK): Fully automatic carton/tray glue erectors for a variety of shapes. Speeds up to 100 cpm - 160 cpm for duplex versions.
Kliklok Vari-Right (UK): Three flap, right angle closer for top load lock erect cartons.
Kliklok Vari-Straight: Three flap in-line closer for top load cartons at up to 200 cpm.
Kliklok Smart3 closer: Compact closer for 3-flap cartons at up to 120 cpm.
Certiwrap (UK): Wraparound cartoners for trays, pots and tubs, up to 150 cartons per minute.
Also available in 80 cartons per minute version.
With a choice of infeed systems.
Certiwrap ELITE (UK): A high speed, high performance wraparound cartoner for trays, pots and tubs at up to 200 cartons per minute.
Cascade Loader (UK): For collating and stacking bags & sachets prior to cartoning, using vertical drop rotor system.


SERPAC: Survilliers France
IMCO: Barcelona, Spain
Schur Technology a/s: Horsens, Denmark
Scheffler Verpackungssysteme: Germany
Perform: Victoria, Australia
Technica: Middle East (Dairy)
Arkom: Turkey
Verduyn: Benelux
A.P. Technics: Belgium
Polo Handels AG: Baltic States
Synsys: Switzerland


Kliklok, which is now part of the Bosch group, designs and manufactures a full range of packaging equipment including cartoning, automatic product handling, and end of line machinery. This extensive range enables Kliklok International to provide complete solutions to your packaging needs.