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Managing Director: Mark Wilson
Director: Mathew Wilson
Operations Director: Tony Jones


Big Bag / Bulk Bag Filling Machine (UK): Versatile machine for high speed filling and weighing powders, pellets and flakes into big bags/super sacks/Jumbo bags/FIBC's.
Pallet Conveying Systems (UK): Complete range of pallet transport and handling equipment - roller & chain conveyors, turntables, shuttle cars, pallet elevators, pallet centralising, pallet de-stackers and pallet stackers.
Integrated Bagging & Palletising Systems (UK): Turn-key bagging installations, complete conveying and palletising lines for cartons, boxes, packs and sacks.
Automatic Bagging Line: Fully automatic machines for packing pet food, food ingredients and chemicals into 2 - 25kg at speeds of 500 - 1000 bags/h.
Form-Fill-Seal Bagging Machine - Vertical: Vertical form fill seal bagging machine for making and filling bags of 500g - 5kg, 10kg - 25kg, 20kg - 50kg, 5 - 80 litres.
Form Fill Seal Bagging Machine - Tubular: Tubular Form Fill Seal bagging machine for fully automatic high speed packing of bags from 5kg to 50kg.
Baling Systems: Automatic baling systems for 5 - 25kg bales of horse feed (silage), animal and pet bedding.
Okura Robot Palletising Systems: Okura robot palletiser/de-palletiser for sacks, bags, boxes, cartons, crates, drums and shrink wrapped packs.
Palletising Systems (UK): for bags, bales, boxes, sacks, cartons and packs.
Pallet Stretch Hooder: Endurance M6000 offers you an economical, fast, fully automatic method of protecting palletised loads.
Auto Pallet Stretch Wrapping: Special Purpose Pallet Wrapping Lines.
Bagging line for Compost and Soils: 10 litres to 50 litres.
Pallet Dispenser/Magazine (UK): Automatic machine for dispensing wooden or plastic pallets on to a conveyor or into a palletiser.
Carton and Bag Conveyors (UK): Full range of belt, roller, plastic belt conveyors including high speed carton elevators, high speed conveyors and carton lowerators, complete with integrated control systems.
Vertical Pallet Elevator / Vertical Pallet Lowerator (UK): Fully automatic machines for lifting full pallet loads upto 10.0m high onto a mezzanine or high level pallet transport bridge.
Sachet Packer: High speed form fill seal packing machine filling food products, sugar, rice, chemicals, detergents into 100g to 5000g sachets and small bags.


Worldwide: Please refer to our website for local representatives.


Okura, Japan: Robot palletisers.
B&C, Italy: Automatic packing machinery.
BL Bag Line, Italy: Tubular Form Seal Bagging Technology.
Unitech, Italy: Automatic pallet stretch wrapping systems.
Weber-Waagenbau GmbH, Germany: High tech weighing controllers.
MF Tecno, Italy: Automatic bagging machines.
Metral, Spain: Pallet load stretch hooding machines.
Qimarox, Netherlands: Carton Elevators.


Welcome to the home of bag filling, palletising and pallet conveying systems. We serve the food, petfood, animal feed, fertilizer, chemicals, waste processing, aggregate, cement, mineral and plastics industries world-wide.

Our range comprises high speed Form Fill Seal bagging and baling machines, Big Bag filling systems, sack packing lines, palletisers for bags and boxes, as well as automatic pallet stretch wrappers and pallet stretch hooders. We design, engineer, manufacture, test, install and start-up completely integrated / turnkey packing systems.

Over the past 40 years we have embraced many challenging and diverse applications - giving us the experience to ensure that your products will be "packed with know-how".