News Subject: Newtec Weighing Machine, Model 4009XB2

Weighing solution for large portions and large products
Newtec’s weighing machine, model 4009XB2, is suitable for large portions and large products and handles
washed potatoes, carrots, onions citrus and similar fruits and vegetables.
With its nine channels, the weighing machine handles up to 50 portions/min. at 2.5 kg.
Application: Washed fruits and vegetables such as:
    • Potatoes
    • Carrots
    • Onions
    • Citrus
    • Similar fruits and vegetables
    • High weighing accuracy:  Typical giveaway: less than 0.2%
    • High speed – up to 50 portions/min. at 2.5 kg
    • Flexible system to handle large as well as small fruits and vegetables
    • Gentle product handling with low drop height
    • Quick dismantling and assembly of weigh pans
    • Easy access for cleaning and service
    • Small foot print
    • WebServices enabled for remote servicing and for capturing production data
    • MachineLink enabled - from only one touchscreen, either on our Weighing Machine or Check Point, recipe change and start/stop for both machines is possible.
Option for carrots
Newtec’s weighing machine for carrots, model 4009XB2G has a special feature for optimal alignment and distribution of the carrots (see image). The same advantages, listed above, apply to this machine incl. easy access for cleaning and service. The weighing machine for carrots handles up to 45 portions/min. at 2.5 kg.
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