News Subject: New Linerless Label Applicator Technology

RL Solutions Ltd are launching a new type of linerless label applicator at this years PPMA show.  The new linerless technology works by having a label substrate that has zero tack on the adhesive side.  This revolutionary solution results in a linerless applicator system that doesn’t require regular maintenance unlike previous linerless label applicators and can use standard thermal transfer label printing hardware. The applicator uses a specially manufactured paper substrate that has a dry adhesive which is activated by heat.  The activation is created using a heated vacuum pad.  This dry adhesive paper substrate can be used in any thermal transfer label printer without any modification to the rollers or cutter.  By using a dry adhesive substrate, RL Solutions Ltd were able to use standard printing hardware. The applicator is based on the Toshiba APLEX4 label applicator which uses a standard industrial thermal transfer printer, the Toshiba EX4T.  By using an industrial thermal transfer printer without any modifications, the printer hardware is extremely easy to maintain and support. Standard windows drivers can be used resulting in a system that can be connected with any software that can print to a windows printer.
These are some of the benefits of a linerless Label Applicator
No backing paper waste going into landfill.
Twice the length of media per roll.
Less downtime, the printer runs for longer before the media expires.
Less Storage Space
Cheaper Media Costs
Savings in handling and transportation
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