News Subject: The Zebra Experience Centre in Bourne End

The ZEC Tour – Zebra Experience Centre in Bourne End
On Thursday 21st February, my fellow team members and I had the opportunity to visit one of our partners,
Zebra Technologies, innovative centres in Bourne End. This offered Acrovision a world-class experience by exploring Zebra’s extensive portfolio of products, from RFID tags in NFL players shoulder pads to live track their game performance and statistics,
to Zebra Smart Lens that can give the retail industry visibility on everything that is going on in their store in real time. Due to the real-life environments created in the ZEC centre,
we were able to fully grasp the latest technology and how these innovations could apply in various industries.
During this tour, we were in the capable hands of one of Zebras senior experts, Mazhar Iqbal, who provided us with hands-on demonstrations of the latest RFID technologies, antennas, tags, invisible codes and smart lens capabilities. Mazhar gave us the real-time visibility on how to effectively manage assets and introduce efficiencies within an industry,
whether it is for the pharmaceutical sector or in warehousing, that revolutionises business operations.
Not only does this visit strengthen the partner relationship but enables Zebra and Acrovision to ignite new ideas and business opportunities.
If you would like additional information on the Zebra product range and technologies, then please call us or drop us a line at
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