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Palletiser Ancillaries

Empty Pallet Magazine
Machine that dispenses empty pallets from a stack or accepts single empty pallets to place on a stack.
Pallet Stacker/Unstacker
Machine which stacks or unstacks loaded pallets.
Pallet Changer
Sometimes called a pallet inverter this machine removes a pallet load from one pallet so that it can be placed on another usually by rotating the pallet load through 180°. These machines are used to transfer packages on or off plastic or metal pallets or from one type of wooden pallet e.g. CHEP onto another type of wooden pallet e.g. disposable.
Layer Pad Inserter/Remover
Attachment typically integrated with a palletiser to place pads between layers of products as the load is formed to provide protection to the layer above or below. The same machine can be integrated with a depalletiser to remove layer pads and restack them as the load is dismantled.
Top Sheet Dispenser
Attachment integrated with a pallet stretch-wrapper which places a sheet of thermoplastic film on top of a pallet load before stretch wrapping commences so that the load is completely covered with plastic film.