BARA Webinar

Will COVID-19 drive greater adoption of robot automation in the food sector?

With the UK food and beverage sector considered to be slow at adopting robot automation when compared to many of its European counterparts, an expert panel ZOOM’d in to discuss the barriers and challenges facing the sector, and what needs to be done to bring about positive change?

You will shortly be able to watch a showreel of BARA Roundtable, which will feature some of the salient points from the webinar. A media summary from the event will also be published here. Both links will be available on this page in August 2020.

The webinar comprised the following segments.

  • Introduction from the ‘Roundtable’ Chair, Gail Hunt (Editor, Machinery Update)
  • Panellists: who’s who?
  • Discussion on “Is there a real need for increased robot adoption in UK food & beverage sector?
  • Audience Questions and Answers
  • Closing summary


A full list of ‘Questions and Answers’ will also be published here, so watch this space.

If you have any additional enquiries regarding this virtual roundtable, please email