Why do we need automated EoL solutions?

This FREE webinar will discuss the pain points that the industries will have when introducing End-of-Line solutions.  The discussions will include:

  • Product transportation
  • Case Handling (empty, sealing and full)
  • Pallet handling (empty and full)
  • Palletizing application and solution
  • Pallet wrapping & transportation
  • Safety requirements to comply with current legislation

Registrants can also pose their questions in advance of the webinar, here.

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  • Webinar live (2pm, BST)
  • Introduction from the ‘Roundtable Chair', Gail Hunt (Editor, Machinery Update)
  • Panellists: who’s who?
  • Discussion on: “Why do we need automated EoL solutions?”
  • Audience Questions and Answers
  • Closing summary
  • End of webinar (3pm, BST)