Roundtable Chair

  • Gail Hunt

    Editor, Machinery Update

    Machinery Update is the official publication of the PPMA (Processing and Packaging Machinery Association). Launched in 1989, Machinery Update has developed an unrivalled reputation as the prime source of information amongst buyers and specifiers for the processing and packaging industry as a whole.

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  • George Thompson

    BARA Chairman | Güdel

    George was elected to the BARA Council in 2020. He is an experienced account manager and sales engineer with a background in mechanical and industrial engineering, specialising in robotics and automation. George is also skilled in electrical wiring, troubleshooting and repair of electronic circuits, continuous improvement programmes and manufacturing engineering.

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  • Andrew Mason

    Sales Manager | RARUK Automation

    Andrew was elected to the BARA Council in 2013. With a background in Mechanical and Production Engineering, Andrew currently holds the position of Sales Manager at RARUK Automation – a specialist supplier of innovative automation products, from industrial robots, linear axis systems and feeding solutions. He is also a member of The Institute of Engineering Technology (IET).

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  • David Barrone

    Business Development Director | Leidos

    A career spanning 30+ years in manufacturing, automation and controls, holding positions ranging from Projects, Operations, Proposal and Sales Manager to Business Development Director in both corporate and family run businesses. Delivering systems, solutions, manufactured equipment and consultancy to a broad range of industries including Automotive, Aerospace, FMCG, Logistic, Packaging, Energy and Defence.

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  • Neil Sandhu

    Machine Vision Product Manager | SICK (UK)

    Neil has been in the automation industry for over 20 years. Most of those have been involved with Machine Vision and has been actively involved in the developing technology that is moving the Vision world forward beyond new capabilities. He is the Machine Vision Product Manager at SICK UK as well as being responsible for other automation areas such as LiDAR and Robot Guidance. Also the UKIVA Chair, he now is helping to drive the innovation and education of the many benefits that Machine Vision can bring to the UK Industrial World.

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