About the Scheme

About the Scheme:

Officially launched in April 2019, the RIA / BARA Robot Integrators’ Certification Scheme is the benchmark to evaluate UK robot integrators’ technical knowledge and safety practices.

The scheme was born out of the need to standardise integrators’ quality and workmanship, as well as recognise effective safety controls to help give companies a competitive edge.

BARA has partnered with RIA (Robotic Industries Association) – a US trade group serving the robotics industry in North America – to agree a framework from which to pioneer the certification scheme in the UK.

You can apply to have your operating procedures independently verified by an approved RIA auditor. This includes rigorous onsite testing to ensure that designated robot integrators have the appropriate knowledge and capability to carry out an integration.

Upon gaining certification, you will be eligible to use the RIA / BARA accreditation logo on your on- and off-line display company literature to promote best practice.  Recertification is required every two years.