Integrators' Scheme FAQs

How do we apply to become a RIA / BARA certified robot integrator?

The UK Scheme is available to all companies (not sole traders) registered in England & Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland involved in industrial robot integration.  Interested companies are required to complete a free self-assessment to check whether they meet the necessary criteria prior to applying to be independently audited by an authorised RIA / BARA assessor.

What are the associated costs to become a RIA / BARA certified robot integrator?

All companies can complete a free self-assessment to check their eligibility under the RIA / BARA Robot Integrators’ Certification Scheme.  To proceed to formal audit, the applicant will be required to pay the registration fee (payable to: PPMA Limited) and the audit fee (payable to: MTC Operations Limited) in full.  Go to Certification Scheme Costs.

What is the process for re-certification under the RIA / BARA Robot Integrators’ Certification Scheme?

All companies certified under the RIA / BARA Robot Integrators’ Certification Scheme are required to be re-audited every two years.  The RIA / BARA UK Scheme auditor will notify all certified companies prior to the end of the certification period. 

Companies must complete and return the ‘Biennial Integrator Re-certification Assessment Form’ to the auditor before the end of the two-year certification period. This includes the cost for re-certification. 

Re-certification requires the certified robot integrator to complete a new self-assessment. This enables the auditor to establish whether there have been any major changes since the previous certification audit. 

Should the re-certification period elapse without satisfying the payment terms of assessment form requirement, the applicant company will be treated as a new integrator and will again need to meet the cost of a first audit.  No registration fee will apply if previously paid.

Cost(s) for re-certification (payable to: MTC Operations Limited) is available here.

How can we prove that we are a RIA / BARA certified robot integrator?

Once certified under the RIA / BARA Robot Integrators’ Certification Scheme (“UK Scheme”), companies will be authorised to display the official RIA / BARA certified robot integrator logo on their business stationery and company website for the two-year certification period.

Use of the logo, which is available through the UK Scheme administrator, remains the dual copyright of the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) and the British Automation and Robot Association (BARA).

A list of RIA / BARA certified robot integrators are also published on the BARA website here.

Are integrators required to conduct a robot risk assessment?

It is a prerequisite for integrators to conduct a risk assessment (as per ISO 10218-2) to satisfy the criteria to become a Certified Robot Integrator (see Question 8 on the Self Assessment scorecard).

An integrator will score ‘five marks’ if they conduct the robot risk assessment on a customer’s system in conjunction with the customer, and ‘four marks’ if the integrator undertakes the risk assessment by him/herself with no consultation with the customer.

A risk assessment shall take into effect all the tasks and hazards associated with the robot system, which in return produces the safest robot system. Integrators can then publish the following statement in the system instruction manual(s) / book(s): “A robot risk assessment has been conducted on this system to ensure the safety of those associated with using it.”