Effective Feedback Skills

For line managers and team leaders who need to give feedback (information) on performance – the behaviours and outputs.

This half-day course will focus on breaking down how to plan to give developmental feedback e.g. getting the facts, having a face-to-face conversation and provide direction to help develop the individual. We will also focus on giving praise style feedback (something we can all forget to do).


  • What is Feedback?
  • The benefits of giving clear developmental feedback
  • The benefits of giving praise feedback
  • Planning to give effective feedback


  • Identify what feedback is and what it is not (it's not about telling an individual off)
  • Why do it? – the benefits to the individual, team / line manager and organisation
  • How to praise effectively (and get good performance and behaviour repeated)
  • Planning to give developmental (‘difficult’) feedback positively and effectively as possible for all involved.
  • Planning to make a difference in the workplace

This course is currently not available for booking. Please contact Shelly Bridgnell (shelly.bridgnell@ppma.co.uk) if you are interested in this course.