Handling Challenging Issues & Situations

New date to be confirmed, 09:00 - 16:30 (including breaks)

Dealing with HR & Legal Responsibilities - Absence, Discipline, Discrimination and Grievance

This full day course is for managers and leaders with line management responsibilities, who need to understand the skills and knowledge required to carry out the legal and HR roles & responsibilities of a modern manager.


  • The Manager’s role and responsibilities.
  • Employment Law guidelines.
  • The pitfalls of not knowing the rules (accidentally breaking employment law requirements).


  • Define the ‘HR’ responsibilities of a manager in the workplace.
  • Identify what discrimination is and the protected characteristics (of the Employment Act 2010).
  • Identify how to apply and use organisational policies, and any government guidelines, effectively for all. 
  • Recognise and be prepared for the pitfalls managers and leaders can face in the workplace.
  • Identify how to protect the organisation, team, individual and self by creating a fair and ‘legal’ environment

There are no open course dates scheduled for this Training.

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