Objection Handling Workshop

“You’re too expensive!”

“We want to think it over!”

“We’re happy as we are!”

“We feel the other provider has a better understanding of our requirements!”

“I’m too busy!”

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a transactional sales environment or involved in a longer process of micro-steps, it is inevitable that you’ll encounter objections. Nor does it matter whether you are new to sales or a proven performer: your ability to handle and reassure concerns is vital to converting opportunities!

This practical ‘bite-sized’ session is dedicated to handling objections in sales.

You will learn:

  • Why buyers resist on price
  • How to psychologically maintain control of conversations when objection handling
  • How to deal with ‘fob offs’ and to continue the conversation
  • Use of a coping mechanism to think of ‘make sense’ responses even when caught off-guard
  • Use of a definitive framework to overcome concerns and close
  • How to overcome your hardest objection

Q & A

Action Setting

Participants will leave the workshop with working examples they will have developed and practiced during the session

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