Presentation Skills

Planning for Effective Presentations (An Overview of Tools, Techniques and Skills)

Full day - (09:00 to 16:30 including breaks)

This course, is for anyone who delivers any sort of presentations in the workplace, or on behalf of the organisation. Giving presentations is often dreaded by some people, others may just need an update. This course is practical and interactive and  focuses on:  how to structure presentations, practical skills on planning,  and techniques on how to build and develop self-confidence to be an effective presenter. 

It may even iron out any ‘habits’ that may decrease the impact of the message being presented. The practical tools will be used in a practise presentation. 


  • Understand how to overcome common mistakes or issues
  • Organising your material: Openings, the middle (main content), closing
  • Develop skills and techniques to confidently deliver (voice and body language)
  • Handling difficult questions, and / or objections to your ideas
  • Practise session

This course is currently available face to face.