Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Training – Introduction to PLC’s, Programming & Fault Finding & Diagnostics

  • 9:00AM - 4:00PM, 13 - 17 Jun 2022
  • MAKE UK Technology Hub, Birmingham
  • PPMA Academy

Automated factory systems are widespread throughout industry and cover a huge variety of operations in all sorts of production line applications. Control of these production lines and associated systems that provide inputs to the finished product are complex and require both operators and maintenance personnel to have a good understanding of how they work. The purpose of this four and a half day bespoke training course is to give delegates the knowledge and confidence to be able to carry out basic programming and fault finding and diagnostics on PLC systems.

Course Participants

This course is can be for beginners, right through to experienced engineers and electricians already involved in the maintenance or management of industrial or mobile PLC systems and looking to brush up their skills.  It is ideal for those delegates who work in and around PLC controlled automated systems and who wish to broaden their overall knowledge and skill set.

Course Presentation

The course runs over 4 & ½ days and covers an Intro to PLC, Programming and fault finding. There will be some underpinning theory and practical work on how to identify and prevent causes of PLC failure, as well as how to implement safe working practices around PLC controlled and electrical systems and use some fault finding techniques such as the FCR (fault cause remedy) approach.

Course Objectives - PLC Fault Finding and Diagnostics Training

This is a practical based course with some basic theory and will teach delegates how to carry out basic, programming, fault finding and diagnostic techniques and corrective actions on typical production facility PLC systems. 

Course content:

  • Brief history of PLCs
  • Description of internal operation of a PLC
  • Basic testing and fault finding
  • Software and hardware
  • Safety (working online and offline)
  • Writing programs using ladder programs and function blocks
  • Uploading and running a PLC program
  • Hardware and software faults
  • Checking hardware and diagnosing faults
  • Clearing memory and download programs
  • Checking software against latest copy
  • Monitoring programs effectively
  • Understanding basic ladder programs and function blocks
  • Searching for specific operands and instructions
  • Carry out I/O checks
  • Checking and creating monitor tables
  • Calling up reference data to assist with software diagnostics
  • Creating back-ups of PLC programmes

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