Vertical Milling & Centre Lathe Training

  • 9:00AM - 4:00PM, 24 - 28 Oct 2022
  • Make UK Technology Training Centre - Aston, Birmingham
  • PPMA Academy

Though so many of today’s industrial manufacturing lines rely heavily on computer controlled electrical and electronic systems to operate, there is still a high need for basic machine tool skills to be able to carry out manufacturing processes effectively. These skills and knowledge also underpin the more advanced techniques used in operating and setting CNC type machines. This five-day Vertical Milling Machine training course gives delegates the skills and knowledge they need to safely operate a vertical milling machine to produce engineering products

The course runs over 5 days and covers some underpinning theory but focusses heavily on the practical application of this knowledge using the Vertical Miller.  Using a combination of relevant theory and hands-on instruction and practise, delegates will acquire the skills and knowledge to make the most productive use of a Vertical Milling machine.

During the course the delegates will cover the following Vertical Milling subject areas in depth.

  • Safety considerations
  • Machine controls and operation
  • Types of cutters
  • Basic material types
  • Speed and feed calculations
  • Basic setting techniques
  • Reading drawings
  • Using measuring equipment
  • Working from datums
  • Blocking up
  • Producing steps and slots
  • Controlling the cut
  • Self-checking techniques
  • Calculations
  • Drilling holes, reaming holes, tapping holes
  • Milling angles
  • Inspection of finished work


Delegates do not need any previous experience of practice in the use of milling machines though some engineering or manufacturing knowledge may prove to be beneficial.


Whilst there is no formal assessment on this course, delegates will need to demonstrate that they can operate a vertical milling machine safely and effectively to accurately produce a component.  On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.  Performance feedback can be provided to the Customer if required.

Career progression

This course is aimed at employees who have little or no experience of Milling Machines or those who simply need to refresh their skill and knowledge in this area.  It is ideal for those delegates who are wish to be able to manufacture parts and components or want to broaden their overall engineering skill set.

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