April 2020

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Several major industry events are all postponed to next year due to global coronavirus lockdown

A plethora of industry events have been cancelled, postponed or gone on-line in a bid to keep the industry informed of new developments that are designed to keep businesses afloat 

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Industrial printer rental service is launched to help businesses maintain production during coronavirus

edding Tech has released an industrial printer rental service for just £200 a month, with the in-line 12 model shipped and installed easily by end-users without the need for a technician

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Discounts on in-house repairs and spares along with promotional April prices on all new sewing machines

Fischbein-Saxon is offering its customers a 10% discount on all in-house repairs and spares as well as promotional prices on its range of sewing machines ordered during April 2020

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Digital expertise allows a complex blister line to be accepted in China despite current travel restrictions

Usually, Uhlmann experts travel to a customer’s production site to install complex equipment, but for a recent installation in China, it relied on digital skills and engineering teamwork

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