Industrial printer rental service is launched to help businesses maintain production during coronavirus

edding Tech has released an industrial printer rental service for just £200 a month, with the in-line 12 model shipped and installed easily by end-users without the need for a technician.

The company has introduced this service to help businesses maintain production during any coronavirus shutdowns.

“As the coronavirus continues to spread, we’re committed to supporting our business customers with easy to use solutions that keep production lines running in industries providing critical supplies such as food, beverage, cleaning and hygiene,” explains Edward Murray-Clark, business development manager at edding (UK). “Even in a crisis, companies cannot ship food products without an expiry date and with the edding in-line 12, our customers can quickly get operational and meet their labelling and printing needs without requiring a technician to install or maintain the device.”

So far, 100 printers have been set aside for rental, but Murray-Clark says there is the possibility that more could be provided in the future, if needed.

This new rental service comes with no minimum commitment or obligation and the option to cancel from one month to the next. And this flexible rental service will be offered as long as this difficult situation lasts.


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