Digital expertise allows a complex blister line to be accepted in China despite current travel restrictions

Usually, Uhlmann experts travel to a customer’s production site to install complex equipment, but for a recent installation in China, it relied on digital skills and local engineer teamwork to reliably deliver and meet the agreed deadlines.

The company also has a well-trained services team and technical expertise in the Shanghai area that are used to installing Uhlmann lines. However, this installation involved a more complex, high-performance blister line for the packaging of particularly large and heavy tablets to lower blood glucose levels.

“The blockbuster line needed to be partially modified and extended during installation, and so specialists in Germany were called in to assist the local team remotely,” explains Jochen Scheil, managing director Uhlmann Packaging Systems (Shanghai). The Uhlmann Service Portal was also used as it enabled experts in Laupheim to log into the operating system of the line via remote access. This enabled them to conduct analyses, make adjustments, and directly assist the local services team using live chats, video conferences, and whiteboards. The team at the line also made use of smart glasses to give the experts in Laupheim a direct perception of the installation situation.

“We have been working with our customers and services technicians via our service portal for several years but here, we had the opportunity to apply the tool to a complex new installation including modification and extension,” says Mathias Mayer, team leader customer support management at Uhlmann.

This teamwork enabled Uhlmann to not only complete the line installation, but also to perform the site acceptance test with the customer within the agreed time frame. “The situation was not easy, but we nevertheless found a solution that enabled us to demonstrate our reliability and digital skills”, says Scheil. “Our customer and all the colleagues involved were extremely satisfied with the process.”

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