Palletiser project has increased pallet stack quality while reducing manual intervention

By replacing two palletisers with one Alvey palletiser, a multi-national food producer has increased capacity and efficiencies while lowering the cost of ownership.

This leading multi-national dairy and food producer chose Scott Europe to increase its output capacity, reduce manual intervention and increase the quality of pallet stacks at one of its production sites. The Scott solution replaces two existing palletisers with just one, resulting in higher line efficiency, a lower cost of ownership and a far more efficient use of floorspace.

With production rates up to 130 packs per minute, the project features a double lane zero pressure product infeed conveyor system and low impact pack orientation, designed to be gentle on the fragile glass product. With multiple pack and pallet sizes, the customer required automatic zero tool changeover across a wide range of formats.

At the centre of the system is the latest generation servo driven high level Alvey 4.0 palletiser, equipped with a control system allowing the operator to make in-house format changes. This system works with different pallet types and feeds them to the palletiser automatically, based on the specific product format. An inter-sheet applicator station is included to dress pallets, protect the product and enhance the pallet stability.

The palletiser high-speed pallet lift incorporates a centring device which ensures each layer is accurately aligned with its pallet, says Scott.

Individual products are oriented by a low impact turner device, based on a pre-programmed layer pattern. They continue inside the palletiser where the rows and complete product layers are formed by a patented servo driven pusher bar. The special clean and open design of the palletiser gives a clear overview of the whole process, ensuring easy operator access for quick recovery or maintenance, significantly reducing stoppages.

The split apron makes for precise and gentle product deposition and allows patterns with gaps. This is further supported by an under-apron centring device resulting in a precise stack on the pallet.

Operators can see each product pattern on the control panel screen, together with real time data and statistics. The user-friendly touch screen interface allows for easy change of settings and new pattern creation. The machine can also be linked to customer production control systems.

The Alvey 4.0 palletiser has been designed with a clean and lean design to deliver easy and comfortable operation and minimal maintenance, together with optimised energy consumption.

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