August 2021


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Verification system is introduced to improve quality monitoring and also label compliance

Omron has launched a verification system that is ideal for inspecting and verifying labels and barcodes across a range of sectors including medical device producers

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Meat company has adopted a ‘greener’ tray that uses up to 80% less plastics than usual

The GEA FoodTray – a combination of cardboard tray and plastics film – has been adopted by a European firm for safely packaging its range of marinated meat

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Rapid set-up of a plug-and-play bin picking kit for cobots ensures optimal return on investment

A new bin picking kit from RARUK Automation provides manufacturers with accessible automation so workers can avoid tedious and repetitive tasks

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Online tool kit is designed to make creating digital twins a much quicker and also an error-free process

Festo has developed an online catalogue that provides designers with a time-saving tool kit and prepares the way for the creation of a digital twin for equipment

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A paper-based MAP option has been adopted for sliced meats to meet the EU plastics strategy rules

Sealpac’s FlatMap is a reclosable and recyclable MAP solution which has been adopted for sliced meats from Swiss manufacturer Bigler to deliver gains for retailers

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Learning from your machines rather than machine learning makes a difference to machine builders

IXON says that the insight gained by learning from a machine, especially from parts that never fail, allows components to be downgraded to make more profit

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