Seven combi checkweigher and metal detectors are slashing product giveaway for premium deli meats

Sparc Systems has supplied seven of its combi units to an Irish-based production facility of deli meats to cut product giveaway at inspection speeds of 200 a minute.

With no checkweighing mechanism in place, the processor of 150 tonnes of deli meats a week knew that its overfilling strategy to ensure compliance with European weight legislation was having a detrimental impact on its bottom line. At a cost of over 250,000 Euros, the supplier acquired seven Sparc Cerberus machines for its Irish-based production facility.

Designed for high care food production environments, the accurate, fully integrated, combination metal detection, packaging inspection and checkweighing system inspects for potential metal contaminants, checks the label, and verifies the weight of each product. With a standard inspection speed of 200 packs per minute, it is, says Sparc’s national sales manager Charlie Graham, one of the fastest and precise combination inspection units on the market.

Featuring a single, clear, touch-screen panel, the Cerberus, like all of Sparc’s inspection systems, comprises an electric servo drive. This, explains Graham, is far more efficient and seamless, as it provides constant feedback on all processing elements such as volume, weight and speed up and down the line, ensuring real-time production monitoring. It also enables processors to inspect packs faster increasing throughput and yield, as well as saving about £4,000 annually on energy consumption compared to the more widely used compressed air combi units.

Another feature is the conveyor mechanism that automatically separates metal contaminant rejects from weight rejects and places them in accessible BRC-approved lockable bins.

Graham highlights the ingenuity of this single dipping conveyor design and how it saves on waste: “Packs identified as being under or over weight automatically dip 50 degrees on the conveyor, feeding rejected products into the waste reject bin,” he says. “For a metal contaminant, the conveyor dips 100 degrees separating packs into the metal reject bin. Product in the CCP metal contaminant bin is documented and destroyed according to company protocols, while product diverted into the weight bin can be reworked, saving on waste.”

Each Cerberus combi system is inspecting more than 40,000 premium deli meat packs every day.

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