A cloud data logging system is helping an eco firm manage its waste reducing insect farms

Better Origin is now using insects combined with its patented technology to help reduce global emissions and, cloud-based monitoring from IXON is the secret to its success.

The company has developed a fully autonomous, modular insect farm. Housed within standard shipping containers, the farm converts local waste such as agricultural residuals and industrial food waste into high quality insect protein for use as animal feed.

As it is often operating in remote, out of the way locations, having the tools and infrastructure to be able to monitor these systems remotely is essential. “The IXON 4G router has given us

that capability,” says Dave Roe, lead engineer at Better Origin.

Monitoring the health and feeding frequency of the insect larvae in the Rearing Module is crucial to overall performance. “We have deployed learning algorithms to optimise the feeding program, but monitoring the effectiveness of this is tricky, without physically

being in the container and watching it,” he explains.

However, with the help of IXON Cloud Data Logging it can verify the larvae performance as all the required data is automatically gathered and stored, without needing to be on site.

“We can simply review the data at the end of the larvae cycle,” says Roe. “Using Cloud Logging, we managed to identify some problems with our processes in the early stages of the larvae life cycle and were able to correct accordingly.”

In operation, there is virtually no data that isn’t logged from the company’s PLC.

“This includes all the sensor data from our feed production process, all the larvae rearing data, and internal data logic flags such as system alerts and operating modes,” says Roe.

The gathered data is then linked to their own purpose-built app via the IXON Cloud API.

Using IXON’s IIoT solution has saved Better Origin considerable time and expense internally, as it didn’t need to develop and deploy its own remote access and data logging tools. Additionally, it has cut down on the need for site visits to monitor performance, particularly in the early stages of deployment where configuration is most common.

“I would say we have been able to reduce our site presence by at least 50% in that stage,” confirms Roe.

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