Delivering quality marking to an Hungarian site during lockdown demanded a 12 day quarantine

Timbermark supplied handheld printers to rescue rejected OSB panels from Swiss Krono, before a fully automatic print system was installed last year.

Swiss Krono, is a leading manufacturer of OSB (oriented strand board) panels and approached Timbermark Identification Systems at the start of last year about a marking project at its production site in Hungary. This need was brought on as a large export order had been rejected by its customer for illegible marking.

The company had been using a large character printer to add traceability information to its OSB panels, but with the production line operating at speeds of 120 metres a minute, this unit was not able to produce a consistently legible mark.

Timbermark initially proposed using a handheld inkjet printer in the first instance to recover these rejected panels, and Swiss Krono was able to save approximately 3000sq m of stock by re-applying the mark. The company used the Sojet D1 ‘Dragon’ handheld printer, which is low cost, low maintenance and uses Hewlett Packard print technology to provide a high quality, high resolution print.

Impressed by the print quality and user-friendly interface offered by the Sojet product, Swiss Krono wanted to install a printer onto the production line in Hungary to mark all of its panels as they are produced.

Following a site visit in mid-March, Timbermark designed and installed a printer system on the main OSB production line. The system has three print heads with floating skids on a moving cross beam, controlled from a PLC to change height automatically according to the panel thickness.

The finished system is fast and accurate, producing a high-quality print at 120 metres a minute. With this printer, Swiss Krono can also include its logo as well as the traceability information its customers demand.

This enhanced quality of the mark has enabled Swiss Krono to consolidate its export sales volumes, ensuring all production is legibly and attractively marked.

As the system was installed during the coronavirus pandemic and there is no travel corridor between the UK and Hungary, Timbermark’s owner Colin Stewart went into quarantine for 12 days on his return from the installation.

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