Stretch film containing 30% recycled content wraps pallets while avoiding the Plastic Tax

Hazel 4D describes its new 15-micron Nano film as a game changing product for pallet wrapping as its recycled content can stretch to over 250% for users which makes it exempt from the pending Plastic Tax.

The company is sole UK distributor of the range of Atlanta stretch wrapping machines along with the Extremus advanced Nano technology machine films. With a range of pallet wrapping machines to suit virtually any application, and with the ability to stretch films up to 400%, Hazel 4D believes its systems have proved that pallet load stability does not require excessive amounts of film.

Described as a greener pallet wrapping solution, the company is introducing a 15 micron Nano film with 30% recycled content - the Extremus Nano Green. “This revolutionary new product will stretch to over 250% and has the clarity and appearance of a virgin film, but with the added benefit of being exempt from the pending Plastic Tax,” explains Lee Armstrong, marketing director at the company.

“This product really is a game changer,” says technical sales manager at Hazel 4D Kevin Oliver. “For the first time ever, large users of film can look to use a film with recycled content without losing the stretch-ability of the film, and at a cost per pallet wrapped that will be lower than most pallet wrap users are currently achieving,” he asserts.