Interactive workshop will provide guidance on the changing robotics and automation landscape

RMGroup and ABB Robotics UK are holding an interactive workshop on 30 March to explain the latest innovations, best practices and new technology solutions evolving in robotics and automation.

Held at ABB’s Milton Keynes headquarters, there will be talks from leading industry experts and live demonstrations of applications utilising industrial and mobile robots (AMRs/AGVs). These will include palletising, pick and place, materials handling and storage operations, in addition to a myth-busting round table discussion and also networking opportunities.

Lunch and refreshments will also be provided.

As hosts, ABB Robotics will be taking the opportunity to provide delegates with a history of the company, the value it places on the longstanding 15-year partnership with RMGroup, and how its technology drives innovation and value for their customers every day. There will also be an opportunity to tour its extensive product range.

“With robotics and automation becoming increasingly integrated into the workplace, it’s more and more important to ensure that we have a collective understanding of the changing landscape in front of us and the opportunities that robotics and automation can provide,” says RMGroup’s managing director Mark Tucker. “It’s equally important that we challenge some of the misconceptions surrounding robotics and automation so that we are all conversant with the technology and its application.”

Being the first integrator in the UK to be accredited under the A3/BARA Robot Integrators Certification Scheme, RMGroup supplies and manufactures a wide range of manual and automated packaging systems. These include robot palletising systems, pallet wrapping and materials handling systems, as well as supplying a wide range of bagging solutions, weighing systems and high-speed form, fill and seal packaging lines.

Its ongoing partnership with ABB Robotics UK means that it can offer a fully automated solution for fulfilment, distribution and manufacturing operations.