April 2019

New software helps brand owners
meet FMD serialisation demands

Macsa ID UK has launched its Serial Pharma software which integrates its marking kit, data matrix code reading and control of alpha numerical digits in accordance with the FMD

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Integrated wrapping and labelling
system delivers e-Commerce gain

Yorkshire Packaging Systems is now offering the Flexo E-COM integrated system in the UK to meet the accuracy demands of e-Commerce.

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Extra safety is supplied for sweets
that are packed in metallised films

An x-ray inspection solution from Ishida has enabled a German confectionery manufacturer to adopt new film while maintaining quality.

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Versatile ‘light chain’ is offering
amazing freedom for machinery

Described as a cost-saving ‘mix and match’ concept, with SICK’s new Flexchain, up to 60 sensors can be daisy-chained together

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