A simple track & trace system that turns captured information into valuable master data is on offer

A one-week trial to any operator wanting to use the valuable Master Data building blocks to drive logistics processes more efficiently is now being offered by Sick UK.

“Recording basic data accurately, consistently and quickly is the starting point of any efficient warehouse or logistics operation,” explains Mark Harris, Sick UK’s product manager for systems & auto ident. “That’s why we are offering a one-week trial to any operator on a first come first served basis.

“We want customers to see for themselves how easy it is to start collecting Master Data,” he continues. “Whether you use one unit, or many across a site, we are confident you will begin to make cost and storage savings immediately.”

The simple-to-use track & trace system that collects measurements and images of incoming stock or packaged goods and turns them into valuable Master Data is being launched in the UK by the company. The so-called Master Data Analyser is already deployed at hundreds of retail logistics hubs worldwide capturing 100,000s of products every hour. Now, UK operators are being given their first opportunity to see for themselves how easily the system records and integrates data into warehouse management and ERP systems.

The analyser is a Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning (DWS) system with the option of associated image capture, supplied as an all-in-one static or mobile operator station. It promises significant returns on investment through more consistent track and trace of products, reduced packaging sizes, and space-saving efficiencies both during storage, and when loading goods for onward transportation.

“The greatest threat to both cost-efficiency and environmental performance in logistics, comes from storing or shipping fresh air because packages are oversized, or because they are stacked in bays or packed into transport inefficiently,” says Harris. “Equally, the danger of the wrong, or incomplete, products reaching a customer can mount up to significant cost through returns or customer penalties.” 

The analyser has been shown to increase operator capacity by more than 20%.

Users can unpack, set-up and connect the analyser to begin capturing the weight, length, width, height, image and the bar code of goods or packages in a single step. The trolley-mounted mobile version is powered by a rechargeable battery and transmits data via WLAN so it can be moved to the best location for efficient input of data.

It can also be supplied with an IP Camera so that an image of the product can be associated directly with the object’s barcode, part number, or European Article Number. A correlating physical image of each SKU or package is saved in the system, enabling the shipper to check back to verify that the correct item was delivered, and identify any in-transit tampering or damage.

The system has a volume measurement accuracy of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 mm and weight determination with an accuracy of ± 5 g and can work to a maximum objects size of 800 x 600 x 600 mm.

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