EU Business Travel 2021

The ability for UK business visitors to travel to the EU on work-related matters has changed

The UK and the European Union have negotiated and agreed a new Trade & Cooperation Agreement (TCA) and the transition period ended on 31 December 2020 with the UK leaving the EU Single Market and Customs Union. This means there are significant and immediate changes for businesses trading with the EU.

New arrangements for UK business visitors to travel to the EU on work-related matters came into effect from 1 January 2021. The UK not being a member of the EU is now a ‘third-country’ and UK employers have to navigate individual EU member state rules for their mobile workforce.

Companies must understand these new processes to avoid workers being turned away at the border and avoiding penalties.

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Speakers (Contact details available)

  • Alice Tranter

    Legal Associate | IEM Consultancy Ltd

    Alice is one of our international mobility consultants, having worked with many businesses both large and small to advise and guide on the complex rules that allow UK firms to trade in the EU and deploy their workforce internationally. Her expertise includes an unparalleled knowledge of EU law in the area of international mobility and the detailed regulation that employers need to grapple with to deploy their human capital throughout Europe. Alice has advised upon the corporate governance arrangements needed to navigate these rules and authored many of Make UK’s electronic tools and resources that are essential to businesses wanting to remain compliant, but also save time and money in this area. Alice has been a regular face in Brussels and the European Parliament with an enviable network of legal, political and business contacts both in the UK and the EU. Alice was also a senior parliamentary advisor in the UK parliament dealing with migration, mobility and European issues.

    Tel: 020 3091 3360


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  • Tim Thomas

    Consultant | International Mobility

    Tim is an independent legal consultant, specialising in all aspects of immigration, employment and mobility law. This includes in-bound migration to the UK, under the new UK points-based immigration system, where UK firms need to bring in workers from Europe or rest of the world as either permanent or as short-term business visitors. Tim also specialises in out-bound migration between the UK, Switzerland and the European Union. He advises large and small businesses on the trade implications of providing services across Europe, and the temporary movement of workers between the UK, Switzerland and the EU. He is a qualified UK lawyer who worked for employer associations in the UK for 15 years before helping found an expert consultancy and now advises businesses and business organisations throughout Europe. Prior to this, he worked as a UK lawyer in Brussels, for the UK Government and in private UK firms.

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