Unit C4 & C5, Goldbank Business Park
Wilton Road
North East Lincolnshire
DN36 4AW
01472 362220

4Matic Design and Manufacture Ltd are a very dedicated company to their valued clients and any potential new ones.
We offer the best quality British Manufacturing in our sector across a wide market mainly within the Food Processing and Beverage Sectors.
Offering everything in-house we are a Turnkey Manufacturer and Supplier that will meet your demands and requirements and give you the best in support and service going forwards.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: David Fenwick
  • Technical Director: Robert Wilson
  • Customer Service Manager: Simon Smith
  • Accounts Manager: Elaine Devonport

Products Supplied

  • Complete Turnkey Solutions: Stuctural Platforms, all sizes and materials
    Bespoke Conveyor Systems
    3D Design
    Stainless Steel Fabrication Specialists
    CNC Machining Services
    Electrical Control and Design
    Full Onsite Installation Services
    Multihead Weighing Solutions
    VFFS Solutions
    Trayline and Tray Filling Solutions
  • End Of Line Machinery: Turntable Wrappers
    Case and Tray Formers
    Case Packers
    Robotic Pick & Place
    Case Sealers
    Bag Inserters
    Automatic Bag Sealers
    Palletizing and Wrapping
    AGV Suppliers
    Service and Support
  • CDM Management: CDM Co-ordination is fast becoming another important requirement from Our clients for more of our installation works. As the work load for onsite engineers is normally enough without the stress of day to day control of project works. The CDM co-ordination takes that away from the client, and is controlled within a fenced area by 4-matic, who in turn control all sub-contractors involved in the project right from set up to commission and handover.
  • Factory Relocation Services: Management of Factory De-Commissioning
    Removal of all Equipment
    Asset Handling and Control Management
  • Consulting Services: Providing Solutions and Vision for new Projects
    We offer fully supported 3D Drawings for the realisation and presentation.
    Full breakdown in Performance, Efficiency and Return on Investments.
    Competitive Rates
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Daniel Tuneu ( Ear-Flap ): Polgono Industrial Can Barri, Carrer Esqueis, 27, 08415 Bigues i Riells, Barcelona, Spain T: + 34 902 47 37 00

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Earflap, Spain: End of line packaging equipment
Robotic Palletising Solutions
Robmov Automated Pallet Transporter
Case Wrappers
Case Formers
Case Sealers
Case Packers

Trade names

There are no trade names descriptions registered for this organisation

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