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West Sussex
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Adelphi Group comprises four established companies with complementary product ranges that can be broadly categorised as follows:
Adelphi Masterfil: Liquid filling and capping machines and turnkey filling lines for industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, lube oils and agrochemicals.
Adelphi Coldstream: Stainless steel products ranging from specialist mixers and vessels, to standard utensils and containers for a wide range of applications.
Adelphi Manufacturing: A broad range of specialist equipment including liquid viewers, tablet counters, ointment slabs and packaging machinery for low volume production.
Adelphi Healthcare Packaging: Specialist vials, ampoules, syringes, collapsible tubes, pumps, bottles, closures and dispensing systems for a variety of applications.
The Adelphi Group of Companies occupies a modern custom built site in Haywards Heath and is proud to have been serving its customers since 1947.

Management Personnel

  • Chairman: Stephen Holroyd
  • Managing Director: Chris Wilson
  • Technical Director: Jeremy Hart
  • Internal Sales Manager: Samantha Oliver

Products Supplied

Liquid Filling Machines:
Automatic in-line, semi-automatic and benchtop liquid filling machines. Volumetric, flowmeter, or weigh filling options.
Tube Filling Machines:
Automatic, semi-automatic and benchtop machinery for filling aluminium and plastic tubes.
Ampoule & Vial Processing Machines:
Automatic, semi-automatic and benchtop machinery for filling, capping, washing, sterilising and inspecting.
Capping Machines:
Automatic, semi-automatic and benchtop capping machines for screw, ROPP and press-on caps.
Drum Filling / Decanting Machines:
Standard and purpose built systems for all liquids.
Turnkey Packaging Lines:
Using a combination of Adelphi's own in-house designs plus bought in equipment, we are able to supply complete packaging solutions.
Pharmaceutical Laboratory Equipment:
Including bottle washers, capsule filling, tablet and capsule counters, vial capping and decapping, suppository moulds, ampoule opening and closing machines.
Mixers & Agitators:
High shear mixers, agitators, in-line mixers and mobile stands.
Process Vessels:
Production and transfer vessels, fixed and mobile, standard and custom made.
Stainless Steel Holloware:
Vessels 1 - 240L in 316L grade stainless steel, utensils, jugs, trays and general holloware.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Adelphi has representation all over the world, please contact us for the details of your local agent or distributor.
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Rota Verpackungstechnik, Germany:
Aseptic filling, labelling, washing and inspection machines for ampoules, vial and syringes.
TGM Tecnomachines srl, Italy:
Machines for filling and closing collapsible plastic or aluminium tubes and cartoning.
Torpac Inc, USA:
Equipment to enable the fast and consistent filling of capsules in a laboratory or small scale production environment.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Coldstream Engineering
  • Masterfil

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