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Three Holes
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Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Darren Smith
  • Service Manager: Rebecca Fielding
  • Operations Director: Belinda Smith

Our team is passionate about customer service and dedicated to providing the very best End of Line Automation.

We manufacture reliable, quality products with the added security of Field Service Engineer support.

Our Weighing, Bagging and Palletising systems are labour saving with low-cost maintenance.

Complete control from conception to finished product means we offer the finest automation solutions to help your business.

Award-winning British manufacturing is the heart of our team and customer service comes from the soul.


Products Supplied

Weighing Systems:
Single and Double Head Bin Weighers manufactured in stainless steel with Belt or Auger fill.
Stitching Systems:
High Speed Bag Stitching for use with paper, hessian, plastic and net.
Sealing Systems:
High Speed Sealing machinery for use with plastic and poly bags.
Bag Placing Systems:
For placing bags and sacks onto a Stitching or Sealing System.
Palletising Systems:
Palletising a wide range of packaging formats, bags, sacks, trays ,bales and boxes onto a Pallet. In-feed conveyors and rollers systems for pallet management.
Robotic Systems:
Our Systems can Palletise products onto pallets, into packing containers, picking and placing a wide range of products including sacks, trays and boxes. User friendly touchscreen controls.
Automation and Bespoke Systems:
We can fully automate your production process incorporating our machinery range as well as third party machinery suppliers. Our Bespoke Weighing, Stitching, Bag Placing and Palletising Systems can be supplied around your individual requirements.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Please contact our UK Office
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Manter International BV:
High Speed Multi-Head Weighing and Packaging Machinery for frozen, fresh, and cooked products.
Verbruggen Palletising Solutions:
High Speed Palletising Solutions for multiple packaging formats.
Trade names

There are no trade names descriptions registered for this organisation

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