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All-Fill, world leading manufacturers of vertical auger-based powder/granule (and viscous paste) filling equipment, and suppliers of fully-integrated turnkey lines.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Mike Watts
  • Sales Manager, Export: Stewart Todd
  • Sales Manager, UK & EIRE Colin Harris
  • Technical Director: Simon Goulden

Products Supplied

Series 1 Microfill(UK):
Servo-based miniature auger filler, all stainless steel, for precision micro-dosing from 10mg, bench-top semi-automatic with/without balance or automatic single head and multi-auger.
Series 5 Minifiller(UK):
Compact table-top powder filling machine, all stainless steel, for dispensing small doses.
Series 10 Filler(UK):
Versatile, semi-automatic filler for filling powders, granules and pastes, with volumetric and gravimetric versions.
Series 10 Filling Head(UK):
Automatic powder filler for mounting over an existing line or integrating into vertical form-fill-and-seal, sachet or cartoning machines.
Series 10 Gravimetric Sack Filler(UK):
Semi-automatic, for filling sacks/bags, with rear-mounted digital strain-gauge loadcell, pneumatic sack clamp and in-sack dust extraction.
Series 100 Filling Systems(UK):
Single head in-line automatic systems, volumetric and gravimetric versions, with bottom-up filling and vibration options for powders and granules.
Series 200 Filling Systems(UK):
Twin head in-line automatic systems with outputs up to 80CPM. Bulk fill, feed forward and top-up options available.
Series 400 Filling Systems(UK):
Four head twin lane in-line systems for high speed precision filling.
Series IMR Filling Systems(UK):
Indexing motion rotary multi-function monobloc systems, fully bespoke, with weighing, capping, labelling, inspection and other stations as required.
Series CMR Filling Systems(UK):
Continuous motion rotary systems, 8-48 pocket for high speed filling of powders and granules, with 1-4 filling heads and integrated tare and gross checkweigher options.
Multi-position filling, for mounting over multiple lane indexing machines, pouch makers and other applications.
Multi-head Weigher Container Handling Systems(UK):
Intermittent and continuous motion rotary container handling systems for integration with multi-head weigher units.
Specials and Turnkey Lines(UK):
Bespoke auger filling and container handling systems for non-standard applications and complete turnkey lines.
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Africa, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France,
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