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The range of equipment offered and supported enables ALPMA GB to solve a wide range of packaging and production tasks in the food and other industries.

Specialist in the primary wrapping of products that are difficult to handle, of difficult geometric shape, or requiring specific folding pattern.

Complete feeding lines; integrated packaging systems: handling systems for trayed products.

Production plant for natural cheese.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Nicholas Aikenhead
  • Sales Director: Tony Williamson
  • Sales Co-Ordinator: Deborah Rumble

Products Supplied

manufacturing plant and equipment including moulds, racks and wrapping material.
Cheese Cutting:
All cheese cutting equipment, sliced, grated, diced portions, complete line and stand alone system. Fixed weight, average weight, random weight, ulltrasonic cutting.
Soft and Hard Cheese:
prepacking equipment including size reduction and overwrapping machines.
Mechanical handling systems:
in stainless steel for processing tray-borne products eg bakery, smoking or processing ambient shelf stable products.
Overwrapping machines:
and complete lines for pies, sausages, cheese, sandwiches, soaps and a wide variety of products which may be difficult to handle, be of unusual shape (eg spheres or triangles) or require accurate folding of the packaging material. Triangular sandwich a speciality.
complete lines for high output especially for food and bakery products.
Case packaging - End of line case packaging:
Wrap-around, cover - tray, tray cover, single piece wrap around and multi-part trays.
in feed collation, organisation grouping, loading. Case erecting, flimsy tray loading. SOMIC case packaging agent.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

ALPMA GmbH, Germany:
Overwrapping machines. Cheese cutting and feeding lines.
ALPMA GmbH, Germany:
Production plant for natural cheese. Mechanisation of tray handling.
Richard-Laleu SA, France:
Specialist converter of packaging materials for live cheeses.
SOMIC GmbH, Germany:
High speed case packers, including wrap-around packers, tray packers, display packers, top loaders, pick & place packers, covering machines and closing machines.
Trade names

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