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Turnpike Road
RG14 2NS
United Kingdom
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Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Graham Alderton
  • Technical Sales Director: Ian Alderton
  • Machine Vision Sales Manager: Dave Cass
  • Machine Vision Sales Manager: Raf Slotwinski
  • Sales Manager - Photonics Tony Wright
  • Director of Sales Julian Parfitt
  • Sales Manager - Photonics: Tony Wright
  • Director of Sales: Julian Parfitt
  • Technical Support: Mike Snelling

The company is a Machine Vision and Photonics component supplier and offers various CMOS and CCD camera products, inc. Digital Line-Scan, Area-Scan, Board/PCB modules, Colour & monochrome (PAL, RGB, Y/C, CCIR, NTSC, EIA), Camera Link, CoaXPress, GigE vision, USB 2.0 and 3.0 cameras and Smart cameras with integral FPGA or Power PC. InGaAs Infrared cameras, PC frame grabbers (B/W & colour) for analogue & digital cameras. Machine vision and microscopy lighting solutions. Machine vision, Telecentric and Macro lenses. CMOS and CCD and InGaAs sensors and contact image sensors. Our Photonics division supplies Line lasers, Thermopile and Photodiode detectors, laser diode drivers, Filters and Gratings and laser distance measurement. Plus RFID and TOF systems.


Products Supplied

CCD , CMOS and InGaAs cameras
Line scan, Area scan, Embedded, housed, board level and module
High resolution cameras, high speed cameras
Multi-Spectral and Hyper-Spectral cameras
NIR, SWIR and LWIR cameras
Machine Vision, Automation, Embedded, Scientific, Medical and Instrumentation
SWIR Infra Red cameras:
InGaAs cameras for 900 to 2600 nm. Beyond the Visible spectrum.
Smart camera and systems:
For use independent of PC in system control.
Frame grabbers:
Analogue and Digital frame grabbers.
Laser part marking:
Small OEM module.
Sub TeraHertz Imaging:
Both sources and detectors - good to find foreign bodies in food products including high speed line scan system for conveyors.
Full range of C mount, F mount, S mount, machine vision, telecentric and speciality lenses, also unmounted high precision optics.
Machine vision software.
Lighting solutions:
LED lighting, Fibre Optic lighting.
Image sensors:
CCD and CMOS Linear and Area sensors
InGaAs, UV, NIR, SWIR, LWIR sensors.
Contact Image sensors
High Speed Cameras:
For inspection of high speed line including maintenance and problem solving.
Long Range Microscopes:
Objective lenses for remote viewing i.e. looking into a Vacuum chamber or Furnace to view objects of a few microns.
High voltage pulsers and current monitors:
High Voltage pulse measurement.
High frequency lighting to provide stop action on moving objects.
LED Lighting:
LED lighting for machine Vision and Automation.
Bar, Ring, Backlight, Dome light, Flat dome, Spotlight.
Ruled gratings for spectrometers.
Precision optics:
Infra Red Detectors:
PbS and PbSe and Thermopiles.
Machine vision and alignment lasers, Line lasers for 3D metrology. Eye protection glasses.
Laser Protection:
Eye protection glasses.
Radiation Detectors:
Geiger Muller Tubes.
Optical Filters:
For spectroscopy and imaging applications.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Image analysis software.
Eldim - France:
2D Photometers, calorimeters, display inspection systems and precision optics.
Elmed, Germany:
Stroboscopic illumination.
Apogee Imaging Systems, now an Andor company:
Cameras for Spectroscopy, Life Scienes and Astronomy.
Epix Inc., USA:
Frame grabbers, PC Card grabbers, silicon video cameras.
Fujinon, Japan:
Machine vision Lenses.
Genesi - Lux:
LED lighting for Machine Vision
JAI oy was TVI Vision OY, Finland:
Colour and Mono CMOS linescan cameras.
Kowa, Japan:
Machine vision lenses.
Laserex, Australia:
Laser diode modules.
Lasershield, USA:
Eye laser projection glasses.
Centronic, UK:
Radiation detectors; GM tubes; electro optics; photo diode.
Matrix Vision, Germany:
smart cameras.
Telecentric Lenses, Machine Vision lenses and lighting solutions.
New Imaging Technologies, France:
InGaAs SWIR sensors and Cameras, CMOS sensors and USB 3.0 test camera.
Applied Image, USA:
Calibration tools.
NorPix, USA:
High speed recording & image analysis software.
Omron Sentech, Japan:
Small OEM and machine vision cameras.
Opto Germany:
Telecentric lenses and high speed vision systems.
Panasonic, Japan & UK:
Pearson Electronics Inc., USA:
High voltage current monitoring transformers.
Photonic Optics, Germany:
Machine vision and microscopy lighting including LED.
Cianflone, USA:
X-ray spectrometer.
Questar, USA:
Long range microscope.
Reynard Corp, USA:
Optical components and thin film coatings.
Ricoh - Pentax, Japan:
Blue Vision:
InGaAs UV and Prism multi spectral cameras.
Artray, Japan:
Digital machine vision cameras.
Senko, Japan:
Machine vision lenses.
Techniquip, USA:
Machine Vision Lighting.
TeraSense, USA:
Terahertz Imaging Systems.
The Imaging Source, Germany:
Machine Vision Cameras, Board Cameras and grabbers / usb converters.
Tobias, USA:
Film densitometers.
CMOS Sensor, USA:
Contact Image Sensors.
Blue Vision Ltd:
InGaAs, UV and Prism based Multispectral cameras.
Digital cameras for scientific and machine vision.
Genesi - Lux:
LED lighting for Machine Vision.
Azure, China:
Machine vision lasers.
VDS, Germany:
High-res cameras repair and replacement only.
VS Technology, Japan:
Machine vision and telecentric lenses. LED illumination.
Watec, Japan:
Analogue cameras.
World Star Technology, Canada:
Laser Diode modules, laser part marking module.
Z-laser, Germany:
2D & 3D Projection lasers and linelasers for alignment.
Alysium Germany:
Machine Vision Cabling.
Coherent Lasiris, USA:
Machine vision lasers.
DCM Sistemes - Spain:
LED Machine Vision Lighting and Strobes.
iRayple - China:
Thermal and Machine Vision Cameras.
ISVI - Korea:
High Resolution and CXP cameras.
Bach, USA:
Gratings for Spectrometry.
Newsight Imaging - Israel:
CMOS Sensors.
Phlox - France:
LED Backlights and on axis illumination.
Scoutcam - Israel:
minature remote head cameras down to 1mm.
Swivellink - USA:
Machine Vision and Cobot mounting solutions.
Bitflow, USA:
Frame grabbers.
DCM Sistemes, Spain:
Machine Vision Lighting.
DEI Directed Energy Inc was IXYS Colorado Inc., USA:
DEI High voltage pulsers, laser diode power supplies.
Dexter, USA:
Thermopiles, infra red temperature sensors.
Dr. Sjuts, Germany:
Ceramic channel multiplier.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Advision

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