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Having manufactured our first checkweigher in 1964, Anritsu Infivis has grown to be a leading global manufacturer of X-ray inspection, checkweighing and metal detection equipment to the food, automotive and pharmaceutical sectors.
Anritsu's quality assurance solutions are built on a knowledge base over half a century of working with customers and providing over 100,000 quality inspection devices worldwide.
We continuously and tirelessly evolve quality assurance solutions through the pursuit of inspection technologies (products) and inspection processes (services).
We will be with you, whatever the challenge and together, we can realize the true potential of QA for everyone.

Management Personnel

  • General Manager: Shohei Kusuda
  • Office Manager: Angela Moore
  • Sales Manager: Paul Massey

Products Supplied

  • X-Ray Inspection: Anritsu HD and "DUAL X" X-Ray Inspection systems. HD Imaging providing the best in industry detection for contaminants such as bone fragments, metals, resins, glass, stone, etc. for food, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Beyond contaminant detection, our standard functions include missing product detection, virtual weight, count, package seal inspection, void check and clip check. We can inspect in pack, bulk or pipeline.
  • Checkweighing: Anritsu manufacture a full range of small footprint high accuracy, MID, Type Approved and high speed checkweighers, washdown models and econmomical range. All available with integrated Anritsu M5 Dual Wave metal detection heads.
  • Metal Detection: Anritsu M5 and M6-h-h high sensitivity metal detection solutions for packaged goods.
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Anritsu Infivis has a Global network of distributors: Please contact us for details of your nearest representative.

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