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Antalis Packaging is a leading supplier of packaging systems, equipment and consumables, offering unique solutions to suit your individual packaging needs and applications. Our range includes:

Lantech Stretch Wrappers
Antalis Packaging is the sole UK importer and distributor of Lantech stretch wrapping equipment. The range incorporates the class leading Q-Series Semi and Fully-automatic stretch wrappers and the Lantech S-Series straddle systems which are available in floor-mounted and over-conveyor Semi and Fully-automatic form. The partnership between Antalis Packaging and Lantech provides the UK market with comprehensive sales and technical support on the entire range of the world's leading stretch wrap systems. Antalis Packaging also provide complete service support on all of the above systems, combined with Lantech's 3 year unlimited cycle warranty on ALL components.

Lantech Carton Erectors
The Lantech range of Carton Erectors (C300, C1000, C2000) offer high level engineering and design by combining a number of unique features with flexibility to accept a wide range of carton sizes.

Masterline Packaging Machinery
Antalis Packaging is a supplier of the high quality Masterline Packaging Machinery, including pallet wrappers, strapping equipment and shrink wrap machines. The extensive range of Masterline models is avaliable in stock for next day delivery. Whatever your packaging requirements, we have a machine avaliable to stretch-wrap, strap or shrink-wrap your products. We can also assess your current packaging needs and supply a tailored solution and install it on site for you.

RanPak Paper Packaging Systems
Paper converting systems for cushioning and void-fill requirements. The PadPak system converts paper into cushioning pads directly on site and can be adapted to the shape of your package contents. The FillPak systems crumple paper ino void-filling material and can be integrated into just about any packaging process. Our range also includes the new Geami WrapPak, an eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to bubble wrap, offering perfect presentation and advance product protection.

FP International
A range of customised protective packaging solutions, including a wide selection of innovative air cushions, which protect your products during transportation and storage. We make sure your products are protected en route to the end consumer, which is essential in maintaining the long term reputation of your business. Our inflators and systems offer you an effective solution to maximize the efficiency of your operation.

AirSpeed Air Cushion Systems
Air Cushion Systems provide a simple and extremely versatile method of producing cushions of air for void fill and protection where and when you need them. Used in a multitude of applications, air cushions offer savings often in excess of 50% compared with the cost of conventional materials.
The systems are easy to operate and require minimal technical knowledge - just set the machines up and switch on, to produce a continuous stream of air cushions that are easily separated.

The industry's most advanced foam-in-place system helps customers to maximise packaging productivity - and do it economically. Intellipack systems incorporate reliable, easy operation with ergonomic design and leading edge technology. The result is foam-in-place packaging solutions so smart they minimise operator interaction and virtually eliminate unexpected downtime.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: David Smith
  • Sales Director: Martin Styler

Products Supplied

Lantech Stretch Wrapping Systems:
The world's leading machines from the pioneers of pallet wrapping systems.
Lantech Carton Erectors:
Automatic carton erectors from Lantech. Assemble and seal a wide variety of box types.
Lantech Carton Sealers:
Automatic carton sealers from Lantech handle all types of flutes, single and double wall, and most common size boxes.
Masterline Packaging Machinery:
Antalis Packaging's exclusive range of packaging machinery featuring pallet wrappers, strapping systems and shrink machines.
RanPak Paper Packaging Systems:
Featuing the PadPak and FillPak paper converting systems for cushioning and void-fill requirements. Also including Geami WrapPak.
Air Cushioning Systems:
A range of air cushion systems and films from Sealed Air and FP International. Offering production of air cushions on demand for effective product protection.
Foam in Place/Bag Packaging Systems:
A range of intelligent foam packaging systems from Sealed Air. Each machine produces foam cushioning on demand, as you need it. Ideal for a range of applications.
Corrugated Packaging Solutions:
A range of machines covering automatic box sizing to automatic retention packaging. These solutions increase speed, reduce the need for bulky void fill and reduce the transit costs.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

UK Packaging Machinery Team:
To discuss your machinery needs, contact our machinery experts on 01606 567013 or email
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Lantech Inc, USA:
Semi-automatic and Fully-automatic stretch wrapping machines, case erectors and conveyors.
Ranpak, Netherlands:
Paper packaging systems.
FP International, France:
On demand air cushion systems.
Sealed Air:
Air and foam cushioning and void-fill systems. Also including corrugated packaging solutions such as the automatic box sizing machine.
Emba Protec:
Corrugated retention and suspension protective packaging systems.
Antalis Packaging's own machinery brand covering pallet wrappers, strapping equipment and shrink machines.
Trade names

Trade names

  • AirSpeed 5000
  • AirSpeed HC Versa
  • AirSpeed Smart
  • B+
  • Boxer
  • BoxSizer
  • FillPak
  • FP International
  • Geami WrapPak
  • Intellipack
  • Lan-Ringer
  • Lantech
  • Lantech C-Series
  • Lantech Q-Series
  • Lantech S-Series
  • Masterline
  • Masterline ePacker
  • PadJacket3
  • PadPak
  • RanPak
  • TrayTec

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