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Autopack provides UK based sales and service for a range of semi and fully automatic packaging machines for the food, beverage, pet, chemical and automotive industries.

We supply two categories of packaging machines either for flexible packaging materials or containers. The flexible machines include VFFS, HFFS, sachet, pouch machines either pre-made or from film on the reel which can be tailored with zippers, spouts and custom shapes. We also specialising in water soluble VFFS.

On the Containers we supply de-palletising, un-scrambling and rinsing systems for bottles, jars, tins and containers along with the associated conveyors. We also provide a wide range of capping solutions such as screw on, pilfer proof and vacuum twist capping machines. The high speed labellers are designed to handle self adhesive, wet glue and hot melt.

Autopack have moved into a brand-new facility with a dedicated show room, production line build area and new service centre.

The 300m2 show room has been designed to allow customers to test their products and packaging on the equipment before ordering and with many machines in stock deliveries can be dramatically reduced. This coupled with the new production line build facility and service centre has allowed us to increase both pre and after sales customer service.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Wayne Kedward
  • Engineering Manager: Daniel Rowbotham
  • Sales Manager Jonathon Stewart
  • Administrator Hannah Bendall

Products Supplied

DGL Linear Weighing machines:
Semi and fully automatic Linear weighing systems, suitable for the food, confectionery, pet and chemical applications. Single head machine to 8 heads. 5g - 25kg.
Capping machines for Bottles, Jars and Containers:
Automatic pick and place, pick off and twist capping machines for all bottles, jars and containers from hand present units to fully automatic 60,000 bph machines including cap elevators and specially designed systems.
The twist vacuum cappers are available in steam and non steam and from hand present 600 to fully automatic 30000 per hour.
High speed Linear and Rotary labelling machines:
Self adhesive, hot melt and wet glue labellers up to 60,000 bottles, jars, tins and containers an hour.
Continuous Band Sealers:
A wide range of band sealers in full Stainless steel as standard. Floor mounted vertical sealers with integral conveyors or stand alone. PE, Laminate and Paper bags, Doy-pack pouches to heavy duty sacks we have a sealer for most applications. The range also includes vacuum and gas flushing machines for extended shelf life of products. Batch coding on the machines is also an option.
AV1 VFFS machines:
A range of machines made in both in application and size offering pillow pack, block bottom and quad style packs. Supplied as stand alone machines or with weighing, liquid and powder fillers along with conveyors, printers and other ancillary equipment. Made in the EU as an all stainless steel machine they provide excellent value. Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning.
Horizontal Form fill and seal sachet:
Horizontal packaging machine for 3 and 4 side sealed sachets. Duplex and Strings, zipper and Doy-pack both from film on the roll and premade pouches. Depending on the product we can supply weighers, augers for powders or volumetric pump for liquids and semi-viscous products.
Automatic Doy-pack (Pouch) fill and seal machines:
The MH-170 uses film on the reel to form the Doy-packs and then fill. The pouches can have zippers, spouts and other closures applied automatically.

The MH-250 will fill and seal a wide range of pre made Doy-packs with no change parts and easy change over.
Rotary bottle unscramblers:
For cylindrical, oval, square or rectangular bottles. Polyethylene, PET or HDPE. From small to large bottles from 1800 to 30000 bph.
Manual or fully automatic changeover. They can be retrofitted into existing lines. These can be supplied with automatic container de-palletisers and handling equipment.
Linear and rotary bottle rinsers:
If you want genuine rinsing then these are market leading machines for the food, cosmetics and pharma industries from 900 - 50,000 bottles bph. Bottles are inverted by means of a side-grip conveyor or rotating wheel with two cleaning options.
- Blow and vacuum with filtered ionized compressed air.
- Blow and vacuum with Ion rinse.
An aseptic and Pharma versions are also available.
Rotary container filling and sealing:
Rotary filling and sealing machines suitable for the packaging of a variety of liquid, semi-liquid and creamy products into pots, tubs and pails.of
Principle of operation of the machines includes
- de nest
MBB Monoblock liquid filler:
MBB-01 and MBB-02 are automatic monoblock machines for filling and capping of liquids into bottles from 5ml - 2000ml.
- Dosing
- Capping
- Sealing the cup
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Capping machinery for bottles, jars and containers from 1800 to 60,000 an hour.
High speed Linear and Rotary labelling machines.
Jar Capping Machines, Liquid Fillers
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Traktech sl, Spain:
Container handling equipment, de-palletisers, un-scramblers, container rinsers, bottle and can air conveyors.
Horizontal and vertical continuous band sealers.
Postpack sl, Spain:
Horizontal sachet and doy-pack machines.
Ayrtac sl, Spain:
Vacuum capping machines either using pure vacuum or steam.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Rotrak
  • Twist Rinser

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