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AutoCoding Systems develop factory automation software solutions to facilitate the set-up and control of packaging line equipment.

We have established long-standing relationships with all the major coding and labelling companies, as well as major packaging machinery manufacturers.

Our standard applications deliver value through automatic device and line set-up, removing operator intervention and eliminating the risk of packaging and coding errors.

Over 800 lines are now protected by an AutoCoding solution in the UK, US, Australia and S E Asia.

Our customers can be sure that all products leaving their factory are accurately coded and labelled and in the correct packaging.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director Mike Hughes
  • Marketing/PR Manager: Janet Harrison

Products Supplied

The AutoCoding solution comprises a proven range of modular applications, from an entry level option for code deployment through to complete automation of packaging line devices with performance monitoring, paperless quality and inspection reporting.
The standard AutoCoding solution automates the set-up of packaging line devices to avoid coding errors and, with the use of barcode scanning, verifies that the packaging is correct for all products. The risk of product recalls due to coding or packaging errors is, therefore, greatly reduced.
4Sight is a new innovative automatic print inspection solution which identifies missing, illegible or incorrectly located text on a product. The 4Sight software works with the SICK Inspector P range of 2D cameras. It can be used as a standalone solution, connected directly to a printer (printer-led) or integrated into a code deployment system, such as AutoCoding.
Inspection Reporting Tool:
Designed to monitor the performance of multiple checkweighers and metal detectors providing instant feedback across all production lines in a central format. The tool can be adapted for various brands of checkweigher and metal detector.
Paperless Quality:
Automatic in-line/off-line quality checks with data capture reducing the burden of keeping physical paper quality records. Opportunity to run paperless and fully utilise electronic reporting.
Line Performance Reporting:
Automatic capture of real-time manufacturing data from packaging line equipment to identify and evaluate where potential problems, performance limitations and constraints exist. Proactive steps can then be taken to maximise efficiency and productivity.
Pallet Labelling System:
Powerful standard application that integrates to all leading pallet labellers and interfaces to ERP, WMS and line control, as required.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

AutoCoding Systems LLC, Chicago, USA:
Barrie FallonTel: +1 (0)208 810 0889Our US office works with System Integrators throughout the US.
AutoCoding Systems Pty, NSW, Australia:
Dean Rockstro - Business Development ManagerTel: +61 (0)418 700 901Our Australia office works with System Integrators throughout Australia.
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Trade names

Trade names

  • ACS

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