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Automated Packaging Systems offer the widest range of bagging machines in the industry, from simple desk-top units to fully customisable systems.

Our mail order packing machines integrate with existing Warehouse Management Systems to print address labels directly on to the bag, increasing productivity to meet next day delivery expectations.

Automated Packaging Systems also offer void fill solutions and protective packaging on-demand. The AirPouch system produces ultra lightweight cushions, which reduce shipping and disposal costs, and the FastWrap machine produces bubble and tube quilt for wrapping, interleaving and block-and-brace applications.

Automated Packaging Systems has collaborated with a weighing specialist to bring an alternative packing solution to the market place. The horizontal, food compatible bagging machine offers the flexibility to hand-load products, minimising product damage, while increasing productivity.

We design and manufacture our own machinery and materials and provide all the support and service you require so that you are guaranteed a problem free packing solution.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Peter Wylie
  • General Manager Andy Pretious
  • Quality Manager: Calvin Hankins
  • Operations Manager: Craig Dockery
  • Finance & Corporate Service Manager: Ed Hubbard
  • European Service & Commercial Manager: Stuart Perry

Products Supplied

AirPouch air pillows:
AirPouch Express 3 is a desktop system that produces ultra lightweight air pillows on demand for fast void-fill packing.
FastWrap protective packaging:
AirPouch FastWrap produces bubble and tube quilt on-demand for protective packaging.
Autobag PS 125 tabletop bagging machine:
This bagging machine is specifically designed to bring simplicity, quality and value to hand load packaging applications.
Autobag 500 bagging machine:
Fast, flexible and highly productive bagging machine. Low maintenance, easy to use and operator friendly.
Autobag 850S mail order fulfilment packing machine:
Designed to provide a flexible packing solution for mail order and e-commerce operations.
Autobag PI 412c printer:
High resolution over-printer removes the need for separate labelling operation - prints label data directly onto bag.
Comcount BFW automatic counting weighting machine:
High speed, high accuracy automatic counter/weigher system. Easily links to Autobag bagging machines for fully automated packaging.
Autobag Maximizer conveyor:
Conveys and counts hand-loaded items up to 70 batches a minute into Autobag bagging machines.
SidePouch FAS SPrint Revolution food packing machine:
High speed, flexible and versatile bagging machine capable of packing resealable bags and stand up pouches.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Automated Packaging Systems, Belgium:
Tel: + 32 272 53100
Automated Packaging Systems, France:
Tel: +33 472 158650
Automated Packaging Systems, Germany:
Tel: +49 531 263050
Total Packaging Services, Ireland:
Tel: + 44 1242 526 252
Rovebloc SA, Spain:
Tel: +34 329 88840
BVS Verpackungs-Systeme GmbH, Switzerland:
Tel: +41 173 03530
DELES Imballaggi Speciali s.r.l., Italy:
Tel. +3902 9678 0556
Christian Berner AB, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark:
Tel: 031 33 66 900
MPI Australia Pty Ltd, Australia:
Tel: +61(2) 9648 3011
UK Reps

There are no UK Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

Trade names

Trade names

  • AirPouch
  • Autobag
  • AutoLabel
  • Bags-on-a-Roll
  • FastWrap
  • SidePouch
  • GeoTech

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