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Management Personnel

  • Sales and Marketing Director: Steve Bradley
  • Finance and Administration: Katherine Wills
  • Sales Manager: Richard Portman
  • Sales Manager: Richard Portman
  • Technical Sales Manager: Vytas Kudeliovas
  • Customer Support Technician: Stephen Fincham
  • Spare Parts Coordinator: Devinder Hunjan
  • Sales Engineer - Scotland: Donny Cameron
  • Sales Engineer - Scotland: George Brown
  • IT Manager: David Bradley

Since the mid 1980`s AVE UK has supplied over 600 machines to UK based clients. In 2010 AVE UK became part of the Della Toffola Group of Companies supplying low speed to full turnkey installations.

AVE UK has the experience and service to create a long-standing relationship with customers in the following industry sectors:- Water, Beer; Wines; Spirits; Fruit Juice; Dairy; Free flowing Liquid foods; Chemicals; Household Products; Personal Care Products; Pharmaceutical; Toiletries; Cosmetics and Oil.

We also have the expertise to accommodate all variations of containers glass; plastic and metal containers. AVE UK's commitment to provide an unrivalled customer care is supported by UK based Engineers and Programmers.


Products Supplied

Blow Moulders:
AVE UK offers Machines to handle preforms up to 30,000 BPH and sizes from 50 ml up to 19 litre.
Bottle Unscramblers:
AVE UK offers Machines available to handle up to 30,000 BPH and sizes up to 2 litre.
Bottle Cleaning:
AVE UK offers a complete range of Air Cleaners, Product and Water Rinsing Systems.
Carbonators and Premix units:
Priamo offers Automatic Carbonators and Premix Systems for water and soft drinks.
Bottle & Can Filling Machinery:
AVE offers all liquid filling methods that include :gravity; vacuum; volumetric; hot/cold; electronic mass flow and counter pressure. Filling systems available from traditional up to full aseptic specifications.
AVE offers Bottle and Cap Treatment Systems along with high intensity UV rays.
Capping Machinery:
AVE offers all methods of capping including: screw; crown; ROPP; Cork and press-on.
Capsule Applicators:
Omb Italia offers Linear and Rotary Capsule Applicators for PVC and foil capsules.
Handle Applicators:
AVE UK offers Linear and Rotary Handle Applicators to apply carry handles to plastic bottles.
Priamo designs and manufactures systems to suit every application.
Priamo designs and manufactures continuous and batch methods including Tunnel, Flash and Tubular Pasteurisation.
Linear Labellers:
Omb Italia & Z-Italia offers Self Adhesive & Reel Fed Linear Labellers for all applications from speeds of 800 bottles per hour up to 15,000 bottles per hour.
Rotary Labellers:
Omb Italia & Z-Italia offers Rotary Labellers for all applications and speeds up to 60,000 bph, including: self adhesive; pressure sensitive; paper; OPP Roll fed, wet glue and hot melt machines.
Bottle Detection:
AVE UK offers fill level, missing / cocked cap and label presence Detection Systems complete with reject station for continuous production.
Case Erecting and Packing:
AVE UK offers a complete range from free standing to combi Case erecting and packing machinery.
Case Sealers:
AVE UK offers top and bottom PVC tape and hot melt glue Case Sealing Machinery.
Shrink Wrapping:
AVE UK offers semi automatic and automatic Shrink Wrappers using sealing bar and lap seal technology for tray, trayless, flat board and print registration packs.
Depalletisers and Palletisers:
AVE UK offers Pick and Place, Sweep and Robot Depalletisers & Palletisers
Pallet Wrapping:
AVE UK offers Semi-automatic and Automatic Rotary Arm and Ring Wrap technology for all speeds and applications.
Refurbished and Second Hand Machinery:
AVE UK can offer Refurbished and Second Hand Machinery.
AVE UK offers a complete range of conveyors to complement AVE filling and packing machines including belt; slat; air; neck handling; vacuum; elevators; lowerators; roller and chain.
Spares and Change Parts:
AVE UK supplies Spares and Change Parts for all Machinery.
Process Equipment:
Della Toffola and Priamo offers Wine/ grape processing plant, presses, reverse osmosis filters, filter presses, sheet filters, cross-flow filters, vacuum filters, microfiltration, tanks, pressure tanks, pumps, refrigeration, heat-exchangers.
Stainless Steel Tanks:
Sirio Aliberti and Gimar offers Storage, Pressure and Fermentation Tanks.
Syrup Rooms:
Priamo offers Syrup Blending and Sugar Dissolution Systems for the soft drinks and juice sectors.
AVE UK offers De-Bagging Machinery to remove sterile bags automatically and feed bottles to the conveyors.
Dairy Process Equipment:
Priamo offers Process Equipment for the dairy sector which will include cheese and milk production rooms.
Logistic Process Automation:
AVE UK offers Logistic Process Automation for mixed case palletising systems.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

AVE Technologies S.r.l., Italy:
Bottle Cleaning, Filling and Capping Machinery and End of Line Equipment.
Della Toffola, Italy:
Filtration and Process Equipment.
Sirio Aliberti, Italy:
Storage, Pressure and Fermentation Tanks.
Priamo, Italy:
Dairy, Beverage and Food Process Equipment.
Z-Italia, Italy:
Rotary Labellers up to 60,000 bph.
OMB, Italy:
Linear and Rotary Labellers up to 6,000 bph.
Gimar, Italy:
Storage and Process Tanks.
SIAPI, Italy:
Blow Moulding.
GIEMME, Italy:
Shrink Wrapping Equipment.
And & Or, Spain:
Depalletisers, De-Baggers, Handle Applicators and Palletising Systems.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Della Toffola

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