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Management Personnel

  • Financial Control: Denise O'Shea
  • General Manager: Peter Watt

Aylesbury Automation is internationally known for their bespoke special purpose machines, superb Vibratory Parts Feeders and associated equipment for the orientation and handling of parts.

With a highly skilled workforce - carrying out in house all the mechanical, electrical and software design, manufacture of components, assembly, electrical wiring and final testing to meet customer exact requirements. Many of our special purpose assembly machines using the state of the art robotics and vision technologies.

With over 50 years of machine building and bowl feeder knowledge we are confident in our ability to always deliver the best solution for our customers.


Products Supplied

Vibratory Parts Feeders (UK):
Orientation and feeding of components from random to single orientation.
Linear Feeders (UK):
Orientation or transfer of components in a straight line.
Elevators (UK):
For bulk storage and trickle feeding of parts.
Centrifugal Feeders (UK):
High speed feeding of component parts.
Sorting, inspection and orientation of components utilising vision technology.
Step Feeders:
Gentle sorting and orientation of components with built in bulk storage.
Gravity Parts Feeders (UK):
Elevating hopper loader with orientation tooling.
Special Purpose Machines (UK):
Machines designed and built to meet customer requirements.
Robotic Systems (UK):
Integration of robots into existing processes or new machines.
Research and Development (UK):
Assistance with customers prototype and development projects.
Handling Systems (UK):
Complete systems to automate existing or new machines.
Bespoke Equipment (UK):
Bespoke machinery for factory automation projects.
Automated Inspection (UK):
Specialist solutions to automatic inspection.
Outmould Closing Equipment (UK):
Bespoke solutions working in conjunction with plastic closures.
Vision Systems (UK):
Vision systems developed to meet customer needs.
Rivet Setting Machines (UK):
Complete range of machines meet most needs.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Haifa, Israel.
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Schindler Handhabtechnik, Germany:
Step feeders gentle parts feeding and orientation from bulk.
MRW Zuf├╝hrsysteme GmbH & Co. KG, Germany:
Robo Pot intelligent feeding, orientation and sorting systems.
Roba Engineering B.V. , the Netherlands:
EYEFEEDER Vison based intelligent flexible feeder for Denso robots.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Bif & Tub
  • AA Robotics Limited
  • Schindler Handhabetechnik

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