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Balluff manufacturers high performance application specific sensor solutions, including distance and measurement, together with a Global range of tried and tested sensors for economical standard use. Fieldbus network communication products and RFID solutions for 100% traceability control and automate material flow for manufacturing, process areas and logistics. Services include customised solutions, training, application advice and technical support for individual customer attention.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: John Radford
  • Financial Controller: Gary Spearing
  • Marketing: Katie Askham

Products Supplied

Sensors - Object Detection:
Balluff provides high performance application specific sensor solutions together with a wide spectrum of tried and tested sensors for standard use via our Global product range. Global products include photoelectric, inductive, capacitive and magnetic field sensors for pneumatic cylinders - plus matching accessories. Contrast sensors solve tasks such as the cutting and punching of blister packs, colour sensors reliably detect packaging labels and capacitive sensors check the internal contents of sealed boxes.
Industrial Networking and Connectivity:
IO-Link provides fieldbus independent communication from the control system to the sensor / actuator level, transmitting all sensor signals to the control level and relaying control data back down to the sensors and actuators. IO-Link Masters are available for the major fieldbus systems, Ethernet/ IP, Profinet, DeviceNet , Profibus, CC-Link and EtherCAT, simplifying network topology, giving added diagnostics and automated configuration of parameters while saving time and reducing costs.
Industrial Identification:
Complete RFID solutions for 100% traceability controlling material flow for transfer systems, process areas and logistics. Processors for major filedbus systems and IO-Link compatability. Reusable or disposable data carriers and barcodes attached to containers, packaging or pallets automatically receive and store information such as exact quantity, process steps, serial numbers, etc. Vision sensors dependably read barcodes as well as providing inspection at all production stages. Handheld portable readers aid flexibility with track and trace formats. Benefits include checking process operation and material flow, reducing waste, preventing delivery problems, documentation, and ensuring a high level of transparency. Industrial handheld barcode readers all common 2D, 1D and stacked barcodes fast and reliably.
Linear Position Sensing and Measurement:
Applications include level measuring with capacitive, ultrasonic and transducer technology for both liquids and bulk material, roll diameter monitoring with ultrasonic and photoelectric sensors and machine movement with transducer and linear / rotary encoder products. Distances from 1mm to 48000mm and resolutions from 1 to 100?m
Fluid Sensors:
SmartLevel capacitive sensors - technology for conductive problem liquids with filming and foaming to give true liquid level.
Pressure sensors from -1 bar to + 600 bar, flush versions for viscous liquids, large display and simple operation. Digital or analogue outputs and IO-Link interface available.
Compact pressure transmitters are also available with analogue output and IO-Link interface.
Systems and Services:
Application advice, fully customised products, commissioning, workshops and customer specific training.
Flexible mounting systems for exact positioning at virtually any angle. Reflectors, apertures, lenses and protective nuts specifically matched to sensors and their applications. High quality spot background and ring lights ensure optimal illumunation of vision sensor field of view. Power supplies.
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