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We give technology the power of sight.
We’re motivated by the needs and wishes of our customers. With a focus on customer benefits, we develop components for computer vision applications that make life easier, processes smoother and systems more efficient – whether these are for factory automation, medicine, transport, traffic and logistics or the retail market.

The Basler Group is home to approximately 1000 employees at its headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany, and at other locations in Europe, Asia and North America.

Key factors in our 30-year success story include the courage to take risks, the willingness to see constant change as normal and the passion to pursue customer-oriented innovations. These strengths arise from our value-based corporate culture, which makes us a reliable and trustworthy partner for customers, service providers and employees.


Products Supplied

Machine Vision Cameras:
Basler offers you a large selection of industrial and network cameras and accessories for applications in factory automation, traffic systems, retail as well as Medical & Life Sciences.

Basler’s extensive experience in the field of camera design and camera production is reflected in the high image quality of our area scan, line scan and network cameras, as well as PowerPacks. All cameras are tested and calibrated to meet our strict quality standards, ensuring consistently strong performance and reliability.
Machine Vision Lighting:
Perfect synchronization. Easy Integration.

We offer high-quality lighting equipment that is perfectly matched to our most popular camera models and greatly simplifies the design of your image processing system. Lighting plays a major role in a vision system as it provides the light that, in conjunction with other vision components such as cameras and lenses, ensures the best possible and repeatable image quality in a wide range of applications.
Machine Vision lenses:
Basler Lenses

We offer the right lens for every Basler camera. The Basler Lens series comprises the two product lines: Standard and Premium.
Combined with a camera and lighting, lenses are instrumental in determining the image quality. When choosing the right lens, the balance between the required imaging performance, i.e. high resolution with optical image quality and price is of real interest. Basler offers the right lens for two scenarios.
Frame Grabber:
Frame Grabber Portfolio – High-Performance, Reliable and Flexible

Powerful frame grabbers, which have been developed by our Mannheim branch (formerly Silicon Software), are the control center for robust high-speed image acquisition and processing in real time on FPGAs including image pre-processing, which minimizes the CPU load.
Image Processing Software:
Use Basler pylon vTools to quickly and easily create high-performance image processing functions for your applications. Design and test intelligent structure recognition, micrometer-precise object positioning, or robust code recognition and integrate everything into your own application – together with camera control and image acquisition, precisely tailored to Basler's camera portfolio. Available for Windows, Linux and Linux ARM.
Embedded Vision Systems:
Basler Embedded Vision Portfolio.

If you want to add vision to your embedded system, we offer not only high-quality Basler cameras and camera modules, but also Add-on Camera Kits for your existing processing board or complete development kits for fast prototyping. Basler Embedded Software provides system software that simplifies getting started and at the same time enables a fast end-to-end solution for your embedded vision application. In joint projects, we create comprehensive solutions that benefit from our cooperation with strong partners such as AWS, NVIDIA, and NXP.
3D cameras:
Basler 3D Cameras.

Simplify your system with sensors for the third dimension
3D vision has been a fast-growing entry on the markets for industrial image processing, opening up an ever-growing range of possibilities. In the coming years, 3D will become increasingly significant especially due to the trend towards Industry 4.0 and the growth of automation. 3D image processing is used in particular whenever volumes, shapes or the 3D position of objects will be analysed. Depth information can also be used to handle tasks in the examination of objects and defect images that do not have enough contrast for 2D but do show a recognizable difference in height.
Medical and Lifescience portfolio
Cameras and More for Medicine, Medical Technology and Life Sciences: the Basler Portfolio

Many applications in the Medical & Life Sciences area benefit from modern image processing solutions. We can provide you with everything you need: We designed the Basler MED ace camera series specifically for the demanding Medical & Life Sciences market.
Vision Components
An image processing system needs more than just a camera. Only a lens, light source, reliable data transfer and additional components such as frame grabbers, trigger cables, PC cards and power supplies turn a vision system into a functioning unit. High standards must be met in terms of quality, reliability and long-term availability with a good price/benefit ratio.

Basler offers a large selection of vision components that perfectly match each other. Carefully selecting compatible and reliable components for our portfolio is our top priority, as we strive to provide the right needs-oriented setup for complex, efficient systems as well as for cost-effective solutions.
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OEM Automatic Ltc , Whetstone, Leicestershire - +44116 427 1393
OEM Automatic Ltd - Components for Industrial Automation: OEM Automatic market and sell components for industrial automation. We currently represent Basler AG and act as their local sales organisation in the UK. -
Basler AG - Mark Williams - +447868 844808
Basler BDM - UK and Ireland
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